Dr. Oetker focuses on vegan alternatives

Dr. Oetker supports consumers choice for climate and animal welfare with its range of plant-based products and recipes.

Dr. Oetker focuses on vegan alternatives

1.9.2022 Brands and Products

Bielefeld, September 2022 - When it comes to sustainability, it is the many small steps that together make the difference. Dr. Oetker likes to support such individual decisions of their consumers for climate and animal welfare: with an increased range of plant-based products and recipes.

More and more consumers are looking for products that make them feel good - not only for themselves, but also for the world around them. One example of this is plant-based foods: among other things, these have a significantly lower carbon footprint than meat- or dairy based products. With that in mind not least the “Planetary Health Diet” of the renowned EAT Lancet Commission focuses on more fruits, vegetables and plant proteins instead of animal proteins. With an increasing range of vegan new products and recipes, Dr. Oetker would therefore like to offer consumers the opportunity to participate in climate protection in this way and to eat consciously* while not compromising animal welfare.

Dr. Oetker aims to offer delicious, vegan alternatives wherever it suits users and wants to make it easy for them to integrate more plant-based and less meat and dairy products into their diet - as one of many possible ways to make a personal contribution to the environment and society.

Every decision for the climate is a good one

“We do not make decisions for our consumers, but we want to give them choices. Because every decision for the climate is a good one," explains Marina Landgraf, Masterbrand Manager at Dr. Oetker. With the increased range of vegan products, Dr. Oetker is also meeting the goals of the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter to introduce further products for a nutrition-conscious and more sustainable lifestyle in the future, and to be climate-neutral in all direct and indirect areas of influence by 2050. All our international sites have been climate-neutral since 2022. The growth perspective for the global demand for animal protein products is expected to be up 23% (708 million tons) by 2030, whereas consumption of plant-based proteins is expected to reach 65 million tons, up 400%**. No wonder, since the share of flexitarians is risingworldwide - and not just a little: In a survey*** in 2020, 29% worldwide agreed with the statement “I limit my consumption of animal products” and this was even 36% in Germany.

Recipes and products provide inspiration for vegan cakes

Many Dr. Oetker products are vegan per se and therefore suitable for the preparation of vegan recipes. In Germany, these are around 110 products, with many more being added internationally. For example, Dr. Oetker's websites around the world feature numerous recipes that are completely plant-based - for cakes, but also for desserts and savory dishes. Consumers looking for a delicious recipe often find vegan alternatives for classics such as marble or apple cake, as well as new inspiration to try pastries that have been developed vegan from scratch.

In addition, Dr. Oetker offers products specially developed as a vegan alternative for quick and uncomplicated baking:

  • LoVE it! Brownies and Hazelnut Muffins (Germany and Austria): Since July 2022, the popular classic muffins and brownies have also been easy to make vegan: with the LoVE it! baking mixes. Plantbased Hazelnut Muffins and LoVE it! Plant-based Brownies. Cake fans who are open to plant-based nutrition can enjoy delicious cakes in an uncomplicated way and without much effort.
  • Vegan brownies chocolate and vegan Taart Aardbei (Netherlands): Delicious, plant-based must-haves for the coffee table. Ideal for anyone who wants to eat a plant-based diet now and then or consistently, or if who welcome vegan guests.

Desserts to fall in love with and tips & tricks for vegan cooked puddings

Some Dr. Oetker pudding powders are also vegan - cooked puddings in particular are sure to succeed with certain vegan milk alternatives. With soy or almond drink, the puddings are simply prepared as described on the back of the package.

The following Dr. Oetker products are suitable for vegan preparation:

  • Original Pudding: Original pudding vanilla flavor, Original pudding chocolate, Original pudding bitter chocolate, Original pudding almond flavor, Original pudding cream flavor
  • Gala: Gala Caramel, Gala Chocolate, Gala Chocolate Almond and Gala Vanilla Almond
  • Seelenwärmer: Seelenwärmer Familien-Cremepudding Vanille-Geschmack, Seelenwärmer Familien-Cremepudding Schokolade und Seelenwärmer Familien-Cremepudding Grieß und Seelenwärmer Gourmet-Cremepudding feinherbe Schokolade

Also, there is a large vegan Dr. Oetker selection on the fresh food shelf:

  • Desserts to fall in love with: LoVE it! from Dr Oetker, a delicious, vegan chilled dessert has been on sale since February 2021. The classic chocolate and bourbon vanilla pudding varieties have since won over pudding lovers in Germany, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The varieties Grieß Pudding Natur as well as a vegan Bourbon Vanilla Sauce were already added. All varieties are made with almonds, cane sugar and coconut oil.

  • Löffelglück from fruits: Our Löffelglück Fruchtgrützen taste fruity and fresh, as if they were homemade and are also vegan in most cases.
  • For cooking and refining: In February 2017, Dr. Oetker launched Creme VEGA, a purely plant-based alternative to classic crème fraîche. The soy- and coconut oil-based cream can be used in a variety of ways for cooking and refining and is enjoying growing popularity. Since May 2022, there is also a variant with garden herbs.

So many ideas: plant-based pizzas from Dr. Oetker.

In addition, the vegan selection among Dr. Oetker pizzas is constantly increasing. “If you just take pizza for example, there are so many possibilities for delicious vegan variants: With a cheese alternative, designed without cheese on a tomato basis, with a lot of and perhaps unusual vegetable toppings, with meat substitutes based on pea protein, for example, or with jackfruit, explains Tim Hempelmann, International Brand Manager Pizza at Dr. Oetker. In the long term, Dr. Oetker would like to be able to offer a vegan variant for every pizza sub-brand and is therefore working on further vegan pizza ideas.

A few international examples:

  • A classic goes vegan: In the world's best-selling Ristorante pizza range, Dr. Oetker has been offering plant-based varieties in numerous European countries and Canada since 2021. For example, the Ristorante Pizza Margherita Pomodori with cocktail tomatoes, marinated tomato pieces, green herb pesto and melt-in-the-mouth cheese alternative based on coconut oil. The Ristorante Pizza Rossa Vegetale with grilled vegetables and green pesto promises real Ristorante pleasure even without cheese.

  • Since the launch of the new La Mia Pinsa range in November 2021, Dr. Oetker has offered another vegan alternative with the La Mia Pinsa Spinach, Tomato Mix & Vegan Pizza Topping variety. The base, which is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, is made from three types of flour (wheat flour, rice flour, spelt flour) and sourdough. Pre-baked on stone, it is a delicious vegan pizza alternative in combination with spinach, tomatoes and the coconut oil-based cheese alternative.

  • The Good Baker, the feel-good Pizza: A crispy, thin stone-baked base, lots of colorful vegetables, plant-based proteins and vegan or non-vegan cheese are the hallmarks of Dr. Oetker's first completely vegetarian pizza range, which will be available in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Canada and Belgium from autumn 2021. In addition to the familiar V label for vegan or vegetarian products, the varieties carry green Nutri Scores of A or B. The vegan The Good Baker Spinach & Pumpkin Seeds is topped with spinach, marinated tomatoes, red onions and pumpkin seeds on a fine tomato sauce and vegan, grated coconut oil-based pizza topping. The Good Baker Meat-Free Bolognese is vegetarian: with vegan ground meat based on pea protein and carrots in the tomato sauce, and mozzarella, edam and pecorino on top for flavor. The range will be complemented in September by the new variety The Good Baker Meat Free Chicken Style, also with lots of colorful vegetables, cheese and vegan meat alternative based on pea proteins.

  • Big Americans Jackfruit: The thick American base is topped to the brim with the most delicious plant-based ingredients: marinated jackfruit, a vegan cheese alternative based on coconut oil, tomato chunks, red onion and delicious BBQ sauce. Jackfruit is a large, spiny fruit from Asia that can weigh up to 35 kg. Marinated jackfruit gets a smoky BBQ flavor - the perfect ingredient for Big American's first vegan pizza.

Veganuary 2023 - Dr. Oetker is taking part

Dr. Oetker is convinced to offer many delicious vegan products to consumers - making it easier for people to do something for the climate and animal welfare. Therefore, Dr. Oetker is already looking forward to participating in Veganuary 2023.

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