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"Very varied tasks and diverse projects"

Daniel Penner is in the second year of his apprenticeship as a merchant for digitization management at Dr. Oetker in Bielefeld. He finds the working atmosphere and work-life balance particularly positive.

"Very varied tasks and diverse projects"

12.9.2022 Company and Culture

What does a typical day in your apprenticeship look like? 

Daniel Penner: There is actually no such thing as a typical working day. I work in several departments, both in the commercial area and in IT. This provides a lot of variety. In general, however, there is always a pretty good split between meeting dates and tasks that need to be completed. These are topics and projects that are being worked on or developed in the respective department and where I myself learn a lot and can develop.

What do you particularly enjoy?

Daniel Penner: I like the variety of tasks and projects. Another positive aspect is the work-life balance thanks to flexible working hours. I also appreciate the working atmosphere and the collaboration with different, sometimes international colleagues. I find it particularly valuable that you have a contact person at your side for every concern.

What challenges have you encountered?

Daniel Penner: The early transfer of responsibility for some tasks could be considered a challenge. For one person, this is exactly the right thing to do; someone else might have problems with it, since you have to grow into processes first. That depends very much on the individual personality. But in return, you are constantly learning and you have the opportunity to try out different areas and develop yourself further. It is also important to handle sensitive data. A high level of discretion and concentration is required here. In addition, you should be willing to accept and give feedback. This includes both accepting criticism and having your own critical perspective.

Would you like to share your tips with other students and pupils here?

Daniel Penner: You should be as open as possible and not be afraid to approach new topics and tasks and to get to know new colleagues here in Bielefeld (Germany) as well as at other
locations. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given; take on as many tasks as possible and offer your help. Talk to as many people as possible and learn about them and their work.