Happy Veganuary!

With an international campaign and various measures, Dr. Oetker is inspiring people to take part in the global Veganuary Challenge.

Happy Veganuary!

28.11.2023 Brands and Products

Bielefeld, December 2023 - Every year in January, the Veganuary campaign calls on people around the world to try a plant-based diet for one month. In January 2023, more than 700,000 people from almost every country in the world took part in the global campaign. Dr. Oetker has been supporting Veganuary since 2021 and, with its growing range of plant-based products, is a valued partner for consumers interested in a vegan diet.

Veganuary communication on all channels

With an international campaign and a variety of communication measures, Dr. Oetker is inspiring people to take part in the global Veganuary challenge in January 2024. Veganuary will be integrated into the Dr. Oetker website in terms of both content and design. In the first month of the year, the social media channels will present products from the constantly growing range of plant-based products as well as many delicious recipe ideas from the Dr. Oetker test kitchen.

More vegan in Veganuary - also at Dr. Oetker

Due to the great success of previous years, Dr. Oetker is once again calling for a so-called Workplace Challenge among employees in 2024. Under the international motto "A little more vegan", small vegan snacks or drinks are to be brought to the office as a surprise for colleagues. This will be supported on site by Veganuary ambassadors. In addition to the Workplace Challenge, complementary measures are being organized locally. Particularly popular at the company’s headquarter in Bielefeld: As every year, the company restaurant will once again offer a vegan dish every day in January, actively encouraging employees to take part in the Veganuary challenge. A raffle for an exclusive vegan seminar in the Dr. Oetker test kitchen, rounds off the offer for employees. The Dr. Oetker Shop for employees will also be having special offers on vegan products again in January.

Vegan innovations in all product ranges

Dr. Oetker offers a constantly growing selection of vegan products and recipes to encourage consumers' individual decisions in favor of the climate, animal welfare and their own health. These foods have either been specially developed as vegan alternatives or they are vegan per se and are therefore also suitable for the quick and easy preparation of vegan recipes. Many of these products already carry the European V-label and are therewith immediately recognizable as vegan. Since this year, several new plant-based products have been added to the range, making it even easier for consumers to enjoy a varied vegan diet. The variety of vegan Dr. Oetker products thus supports the goals of the Sustainability Charter to offer innovative and healthy food, to minimize the company’s carbon footprint and to be climate-neutral in all direct and indirect areas of influence by 2050.

LoVE it! series grows continuously

The demand for vegan product alternatives and recipes at Dr. Oetker is constantly increasing. With the launch of LoVE it! Vegan Gelling Agent in March 2023, Dr. Oetker is responding to this trend in its German market. The vegan gelling agent is the perfect helper for anyone who wants to prepare vegan or vegetarian desserts and pastries quickly and easily with a gelatine alternative. The product impresses with its high-quality recipe and is used in exactly the same way as gelatine. In July 2023, the range of plant-based LoVE it! cup products was added. The four varieties Plant-based Sweet Rice, Plant-based Semolina Porridge, Plant-based Chocolate Pudding as well as Plant-based Caramel Pudding are quick and easy to prepare in a cup with a plant-based drink or hot water. Launched in 2021 with plant-based pudding, the Dr. Oetker range now also includes vegan baking mixes and a vegan mousse under the sub-brand LoVE it!

Vegan indulgence in the freezer section

Pizza is one of the most popular product groups in the frozen food aisle and is also very popular with vegans. Together with Ralph Ruthe, Dr. Oetker expanded its range of vegan frozen pizzas this year and introduced Die Ofenfrische Kebab Style Vegan in Germany. This appeals to even more consumers who follow a plant-based diet but don't want to miss out on the full pizza flavor. The new variety is topped with a vegan kebab alternative based on pea protein, fruity cocktail sauce, a cheese alternative made from coconut oil as well as onions and pepperoni. Also, Bistro Baguette Spicy BBQ Vegan has been available in stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since the middle of the year. It promises real indulgence without animal ingredients and is topped with colorful vegetables, a spicy sauce based on pea protein and chip crumbs. A particular success: the Bistro Baguette Spicy BBQ Vegan was chosen as the winner in the "Ready meals" category of the V-Label Awards with more than 15,000 votes from consumers.

Vegan innovation on the fresh food shelf

Another plant-based innovation followed in Germany in September 2023 with the Smoothie Bowl. The combination of smoothie and bowl promises spontaneous moments of pleasure for in-between meals. The ready-to-eat smoothie bowls are available in the flavors mango-pineapple-banana, strawberry-banana-aronia and kiwi-apple-pineapple. All three varieties contain more than 90% fruit and, in addition to fruit juice, fruit pulp and fruit pieces, also contain elderflower syrup and linseed. They can be enjoyed either on their own or with nuts, muesli or yoghurt.

Information and hints on other vegan products can be found in the Dr. Oetker stories.

„Vegan products are an integral part of our innovation roadmap. With our participation in Veganuary, we want to encourage people to try out a plant-based diet.“ Daniela Emonts-Gast, Senior Executive Manager Consumer Marketing

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