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"After my studies, I would like to stay with Dr. Oetker!"

Lea Sagemüller studies Engineering Digitale Technologien

"After my studies, I would like to stay with Dr. Oetker!"

16.8.2023 Company and Culture

Data science, business intelligence and Industry 4.0: anyone interested in digital can also get a head start in this area at Dr. Oetker. Lea Sagemüller is completing the three-and-a-half-year practice-integrated Bachelor of Engineering Digital Technologies degree program. In this interview, you can find out why she decided to train at Dr. Oetker and what her experiences have been so far.


Which apprenticeship did you choose and why?  

Lea Sagemüller: On the Dr. Oetker careers page, I saw the advertisement for the three-and-a-half-year practice-integrated Bachelor of Engineering Digital Technologies program. Since I'm very interested in data science, it appealed to me and I applied directly. The further application process then confirmed my choice and it worked out. 

How did the induction go in the first week? 

Lea Sagemüller: In my first week at work, we apprentices were warmly welcomed to Dr. Oetker Welt and given lots of important and exciting information for our start of training. The highlight was cooking and baking together in the test kitchen! In addition, I was able to exchange information about our work with the other apprentices at a three-day seminar and we also got to know each other better that way.

How have you developed professionally and personally, can you describe that briefly?  

Lea Sagemüller: I have become more open during the apprenticeship and am now not afraid to ask things or approach people when I have questions. It's important to get feedback and to be open to new things. Communicating in English is easier for me now because I am also assigned to international departments and speak English with my colleagues there.


Which department have you liked best so far and why?  

Lea Sagemüller: I really liked the Sales Project department within Sales. There, I was allowed to work on my "own" product. Over the course of several months, I independently built a program to document the data of the products sold in a supermarket. In the process, I gained knowledge in various digital programs and applications. 

How does the theory part of the program proceed?  

Lea Sagemüller: The theory is done in cooperation with Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. I am always at the campus in Gütersloh (editor’s note: German city close to Bielefeld) for three months between the practical phases. However, we learn a large part of the theory independently at home. On campus we have lectures, but also exercises and practicals. It's very varied, but also challenging because it requires good organisation. 

What has been your favourite experience during your apprenticeship so far?  

Lea Sagemüller: One of my favourite experiences was our corporate event Tag der offenen Ausbildung (editor’ note: open day for pupils), where I was able to pass on my previous experiences from the company and the apprenticeship to young, interested pupils and students and thus also get them excited about my degree program. But the company partie once a year is always an experience, too. All in all, I have been able to get to know many great colleagues during my apprenticeship period so far.

To what extent are digital skills and foreign languages required in your apprenticeship? 

Lea Sagemüller: Since I work almost exclusively digitally, digital skills are of course required. Knowledge from school, such as working with Microsoft 365, but also dealing with computers in general, is very useful. English is also helpful, because many departments like People and Culture International or IT are international, which is why English is the primary language spoken there.

If you have questions, who helps you?  

Lea Sagemüller: In the first few weeks, I was assigned a mentor. This is an experienced colleague from Digital Product Management who I can turn to and who always helps me whenever I need support. I can also ask my trainer, if I have any questions, but also the contact persons in the respective departments as well as other students and trainees. 

Do you already know what's next for you after the apprenticeship? 

Lea Sagemüller: After my studies, I would like to stay at Dr. Oetker because I really like the positive working environment. All apprentices are taken on for one year after their apprenticeship; that is contractually agreed. After that, there is a very good chance of being taken on at Dr. Oetker. In general, there are many opportunities for joining the company.  

What do you particularly appreciate about Dr. Oetker?  

Lea Sagemüller: I appreciate the family atmosphere and the variety of topics. Working independently and at the same time receiving support from all sides – that really gets me ahead. I would describe Dr. Oetker as a authentic and modern company.