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Skull cakes for Día de Muertos

Many skulls and scary costumes around the streets of Mexico? It is time for Día de Muertos. Even Dr. Oetker recipes get a scary touch on this day…

Skull cakes for Día de Muertos

31.10.2023 Company and Culture

Our Dr. Oetker colleagues from Mexico are looking forward to one of their most important holidays: Dia de Muertos. On this day they dress up like skulls and remember the dead which a huge party. Find out how Dr. Oetker gives inspiration for cakes and sweets for this special day.

One of the most important holidays in México

Día de Muertos – the Day of the Dead – is traditionally celebrated in México at the beginning of November. Families and friends come together to remember and pay respect to the deceased relatives. Rather than a day of mourning, it is a day to celebrate life and the time shared with the departed. Karen Hernandez, Talent and Communication Coordinator at Dr. Oetker México, explains: “The Day of the Dead is a special Mexican tradition and it is celebrated on two days. On November 1st dead children are remembered and November 2nd deceased adults.”

Karen Hernandez, employee Dr. Oetker Mexiko

To honor the deceased, families clean and decorate gravesites. Loved ones are remembered with – Ofrendas – personal altars stacked with foods and beverages the dead enjoyed in life. Karen Hernandez: “In my family we make an altar every year for our deceased, where we put the things they liked the most, for example food, favorite drinks and sweets. Furthermore, there is lots of decoration with flowers and candles because according to our tradition the dead are guided by light and smell to visit us.”

How to celebrate the Day of the Dead

Popular symbols of Día de Muertos are Calacas and Calaveras (Skeletons and Skulls). During the holiday, you can find these as decoration drawn on faces, masks and dolls as well as on cakes, sweets and desserts. It is also common to give gifts to friends such as candy sugar skulls, to share traditional pan de muerto with family and friends.

Although the Day of the Dead is a national holiday, each state has different ways of celebrating it. Well known is the big parade in Mexico City where people dress up as skulls and catrinas. 

Día de Muertos at Dr. Oetker Mexico

Being asked if there is anything planned for Dia de Muertos in the company, Karen Hernandez
swarms: “This year we will have three activities to maintain Mexican traditions in the offices of D'Gari and Rexal. On October 31st we will hold a “Calaveritas literarias” and an “altar” contest with all the operational staff. And additionally on November 1st there is a costume contest with the administrative staff” she smiles and adds: “We look very much forward to this!”

Sonia Villagomez, Consumer Service Coordinator Dr. Oetker Mexico

Sonia Villagomez, Consumer Service Coordinator, Dr. Oetker Mexico

In the days before the holiday, Dr. Oetker México does a lot of communication and gives inspiration to consumers for celebrating Día de Muertos. Several recipes are offered on the website to make foods: Busqueda día de muertos - D'Gari.

A perfect product to make a “deadly good dessert” that will make the day even more special is the D’Gari Gelantina
Negra. Probably, therefore, the Black gelatin dessert has its peak of sales in this period.

D'Gari Gelatina Negra

Dr. Oetker D´GARI is located in the colonial city of Querétaro. The city is well known because the Mexican independence plans were developed here. Querétaro is considered one of the safest and cleanest cities in the country. Industry has been developing over the past years in Querétaro and many companies have settled in the region. Thus, Querétaro has grown more and more cultural as well as monetary richness has been generated.

Due to the acquisition of D´Gari in 2015, Dr. Oetker entered the Mexican market for Gelatin desserts. In this market segment, D´Gari is the clear leader. The company employs more than 700 people at its Querétaro site. In 2017, Dr. Oetker further expanded its presence in the Mexican market by acquiring Grupo REXAL, one of the leading manufacturers of baking aids and syrups.

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