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All green everything: Ireland celebrates St. Patrick's Day

The Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day every year on 17 March to honor their patron saint. Kaylee Norris, Assistant Brand Manager at Dr. Oetker Ireland, tells us how Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated at Dr. Oetker in Ireland.

All green everything: Ireland celebrates St. Patrick's Day

15.3.2024 Company and Culture

Over time, St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a global phenomenon celebrated by millions of people. From the parades in Dublin to the leafy streets of New York City and the festive pubs of Sydney, this day reflects the joy of Irish culture. Kaylee Norris tells us in an interview how our colleagues from Ireland celebrate St. Patrick's Day and which delicious Dr. Oetker recipes are baked on this day.

Marketing Manager Dr. Oetker Ireland

Kaylee, what special customs are there on St. Patrick's Day?

"St. Patrick's Day is probably the biggest celebration in Ireland. It's a day that is always associated with fun, pride and celebrating 'being Irish'. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and introduced Christianity around 2,000 years ago. His traditional date of death, March 17, is still celebrated today as a day of remembrance. On this day, everything is green in Ireland and all the Irish are full of life."

How exactly is it celebrated in Ireland?

"St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday here - this means that all schools and most stores are closed. There are events in every town and village in Ireland, such as traditional music events and Irish dances. However, St. Patrick's Day is mainly celebrated with parades, the largest of which takes place in Dublin. People dress in green and often wear original accessories such as hats and sunglasses. Many proudly wear the Irish flag, while others opt for garments with shamrocks or leprechauns. The main thing is green."

green building on St. Patrick´s Day

Are there special St. Patrick's Day recipes from Dr. Oetker?

"Yes, baking for St. Patrick's Day is all about the green color and the "luck of the Irish", which is why recipes for St. Patrick's Day often feature shamrocks or rainbows."

Green recipes and other ideas with shamrocks or rainbows to try out can be found on the Dr. Oetker Ireland website.

There are various products in the Dr. Oetker Ireland range for the recipes, such as green food coloring, which is certainly particularly popular for St. Patrick's Day.

Is St. Patrick's Day also celebrated in other countries?

"In the USA, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated almost more than in Ireland! This is due to the long history of Irish emigration to the USA. There are also St. Patrick's Day parades there. In Chicago, for example, a river is dyed green and people dress in a similar way to Ireland: green! St. Patrick's Day is also being celebrated more and more in Australia, which in turn is due to the many Irish people who live in Australia."

Dr. Oetker Ireland

Our subsidiary Dr. Oetker Ireland was founded in the Irish capital Dublin in 2007. Here, 15 employees work on Marketing and Sales of Dr. Oetker baked goods and pizza products.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Or as they say in Irish: Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!


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