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The perfect surprise comes to Qualto… initiated by cameo

It was 2020 when the village of Qualto, in the Bolognese Apennines, lost its restaurant, the only gathering place for its inhabitants. But something changed when colleagues at cameo, the Italian affiliate of Dr. Oetker, became aware of the issue via a video message on social media. It was a call for help from Roberto Serra, alderman of the small village.

The perfect surprise comes to Qualto… initiated by cameo

21.9.2023 Products and Services

During the strenuous time of Covid, the small hamlet lost its restaurant, the only place of gathering and the vital center on the Piazza of Qualto. Since then, three summers have passed without citizens being able to share a dinner or a glass of wine in the square of the small community.

Immediate decision to organize a surprise

After the reception of the video message, colleagues of cameo immediately decided to contact the local government and suggested to organize a surprise for Qualto. “The alderman's appeal, asking for help in recovering special moments of joy and sharing, seemed to be aimed right at us” Niccolò Cortelazzo, Marketing Manager Pizza, explains. Federica Ferrari, Executive Manager Corporate Communication, goes on: “initiatives that promote sharing, collaboration and the pleasure of being together are literally traits of our DNA, like our engagements for SOS Children Villages and others show.”

Something "out of the ordinary"

After a little more than a week, a Pizza Ristorante van climbed the hills up to Qualto. Amidst the curious looks of those trying to figure out what was going on, a team of workers began assembling ovens, tables, and a mysterious sign. Astonishment grew when assemblyman Roberto invited the community of Qualto and residents of neighboring towns to gather on the Piazza late in the afternoon of September 20th.

Open-air pizzeria on the Piazza

The invited where welcomed on their square which was filled with little lights and festively set tables. At that point the surprise was revealed: the town square had been transformed into an open-air pizzeria for a night - thanks to the support of cameo.

Special Ristorante moments

After all, pizza is the convivial food par excellence: And Pizza Ristorante has always been predestined to celebrate special little moments. The evening ended, but the desire to be together did not; as expected by the cameo team. That was the right time to reveal the second big surprise of the evening founded by cameo: Alderman Serra revealed to the village community the permanent creation of a kiosk-pizzeria right in the center of Qualto, returning the piazza back to its former function as a vivid place for the community.

A truly appreciated perfect surprise

Amidst applause, looks of joy, emotions and laughter there were many bright eyes to see. These moments revealed that cameo initiatives - led by the DNA to provide help and enjoyment - once again hit their target. “It´s just our way of doing business; bringing people together and offering them the taste of home”, Niccolò smiles.