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Our international colleagues – from apprentice to CEO – around the world tell us what inspires them, what they are passionate about, and what drives them every day at Dr. Oetker. After all, it's the people who make Dr. Oetker what it is. We all have one thing in common: we all share a passion for our brands and products.

Daniela Kreis

Specialist food technology in Wittlich (Germany), joined in 2016

“I started as an apprentice at Dr. Oetker back in 2016 and have been working in production in Wittlich since I passed my apprenticeship as a food technology specialist. What I like about Dr. Oetker is that the company offers me a wide range of career opportunities and training. What motivates me is the great teamwork and mutual appreciation.”

Favorite Product:

Mug Cake

Dr. Albert Christmann

Chairman of the Executive Board in Bielefeld (Germany), joined the Oetker Group in 1991

“I started more than 30 years ago as an assistant to a general partner of the Oetker Group. No matter what task I had, I was allowed to take on responsibility and drive exciting projects forward. During this time, I was always given the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. I continue to be convinced that Dr. Oetker is a value-based family company in which we are aware of our ecological and social responsibility and align our actions accordingly.”

Favorite Product:

Mole Cake

Andreia Shibayama

PMO & Change Management in Barcelona (Spain), joined in 2005

“I think it's great to be part of the Local Transformation Agents community at Dr. Oetker. We have all taken part in training to become Agile Coaches and regularly share our experiences with each other. With new working methods, I want to help promote change in our local teams and further develop the corporate culture.”

Favorite Product:

Ristorante Spinaci

Aileen Wohlan

Student Bachelor of Sc. WI & Digi. Mgmt. in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2021

“I had an excellent start, receiving a warm welcome as a work-study student. I get on very well with my colleagues and am given tasks with a lot of responsibility. Every day I'm able to drive digital topics forward actively, so I can already make a valuable contribution to the further development of our company.”

Favorite Product:

Ristorante Mozzarella

Simone Ghisleri

Junior Communication Specialist in Desenzano del Garda (Italy), joined cameo in 2018

“The launch of our purpose statement was a milestone for our company in 2019, and working on this great project made me so proud. 'Creating a Taste of Home' also means paying attention to resources and safeguarding the planet. In this regard, in 2021, we signed the Pact against Food Waste in Italy. In doing so, we are also committed to providing colleagues and consumers with ideas and practical advice to reduce food waste in everyday life.”

Favorite Product:

La Soffice, chocolate flavor

Marie Schrade

International Brand Manager in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2019

“Sustainability is very important to me personally. That is why I am part of a project team at Dr. Oetker, working to provide our consumers with full transparency by 2025. This means providing information about the ingredients in our products and the origin of our raw materials, for example, on our product packaging. I'm pleased to be able to contribute to more sustainability at Dr. Oetker in this way.”

Favorite Product:

loVE it!

Claudia Willvonseder

Executive Board member in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2019

"I am driven by the desire to make a positive contribution. At Dr. Oetker, I have the chance to make a big difference with my colleagues. While leading teams, for example, I can create an inspiring atmosphere and motivate my team members to realize their potential and grow with new tasks. A lot is changing in the food industry. At Dr. Oetker, I can embrace these changes and be a part of developing products, services, and brands that help us better understand people's desires in our markets while also working towards making a positive contribution to society and the planet."

Favorite Product:

Original Pudding Vanilla Flavour

Jorge Cardoso

Head of Sales Retail in Lisbon (Portugal), joined in 2023

“The whole team makes me feel welcome. Our opinions are respected and we are encouraged to participate with suggestions and ideas that contribute to the growth of the company. In short: I am very happy at Dr. Oetker!”

Favorite Product:

La Mia Grande Salame Piccante

Claus-Carsten Andresen

Communication Business Partner & Media Spokesperson in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2019

"Our corporate archive is an impressive testimony of 130 years of Dr. Oetker. For me as an historian, it is particularly exciting to safeguard this heritage for posterity and make it accessible. In my work, I have regular contact with our consumers. They share personal memories or their family stories with me, which are often connected to our brand."

Favorite Product:

Löffelglück Cream Pudding Bourbon Vanilla

Sofia Augustsson

Digital Media Manager in Göteborg (Sweden), joined in 2008

“I really enjoy working at Dr. Oetker and love being surrounded by these wonderful colleagues. The atmosphere is very warm, not only on site but throughout the company. I am proud to be a part of it.”

Favorite Product:

Ristorante Mozzarella

Odila Portella

Industrial Director in Itatiba (Brasil), Mavalério from 1998–2007, got back at 2013

“Over the last 23 years, I have worked in different departments, for instance, Quality Control, R&D, and Production. Since 2015, I am in charge of our industrial strategy in Brazil. I enjoy the opportunity of being part of a growing regional team that consists of 676 colleagues who are passionately involved in offering better products.”

Favorite Product:

Chocopower ball line

Dr. Rolf Illum-Engsig

SEM People and Culture International in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2020

“At Dr. Oetker, we are on a transformation journey in which we actively involve our employees. We are working to establish a culture of continuous change. Part of our success is that our employees learn new things constantly and personally develop. After all, the ever-changing environment requires new knowledge from each of us.”

Favorite Product:

Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Teresa Costa-Macedo

Marketing Manager Pizza in Barcelona (Spain), joined in 2022

“When I see the shining eyes of my two daughters as they enjoy a slice of our pizza, it warms my heart. It reminds me that I am helping to create unforgettable family moments for others. My job is about more than just marketing, it's about sharing joy, connecting people and celebrating the simple pleasures of life.”

Favorite Product:

Ristorante Barbecue

Michael Adolph

SEM Regions MEA, NEA & Global Export in Bielefeld (Germany), joined Dr. Oetker 2004

“Business in the Middle East is often different to Europe. There, consumers shop in small stores and, if money is not enough, may even set up credit. What these regions have in common is the consumers' "sweet tooth." Cakes and desserts – in other words, Dr. Oetker's core competence – plays an important role. Together with my team here in Germany and our employees locally, we are constantly reviewing the market potential for our brands and products in the local countries.”

Favorite Product:

Ofenfrische Peperoni-Salami, Sauce Caramel Beurre Salé

Szilvia Maglodine Balint

International Production Planning in Jánossomorja (Hungary), joined in 1996

"I am a mother of two children, and we live in a small town in a house with a garden. We grow vegetables and fruits in our garden. We even keep chickens and ducks, so we have a green waste recycling squad. It is a good way to teach my kids about the meaning of sustainability. When we introduced our sustainability strategy at Dr. Oetker, I was very proud because we show responsibility for the environment and society."

Favorite Product:

Baking powder, yeast

Eligio Cozzoli

Exec. Manager Marketing in Querétaro (México), joined in 2007

"When I joined Dr. Oetker Mexico in 2016, D'Gari had recently become part of the company. Thanks to the motivation of the entire team, we have achieved a lot in the past few years: for example, we have received several quality certifications, revised our product portfolio according to the Nutrition Labeling Act, and launched several innovations as well as campaigns to make our brands more attractive. In alignment with our Purpose, we regularly review our communication, digital touchpoints, and product portfolio for consumer relevance."

Favorite Product:

D’Gari Flan Dúo menta

Monica Chiari

Executive Manager People & Culture in Desenzano del Garda (Italy), joined cameo in 2010

“'We create the taste of home' is not only our goal, it is lived and realized! The right combination of international structure and local potential makes cameo a wonderful place to work where you can fully develop your skills.”

Favorite Product:

Pizza Ristorante

Wouter van Lent

Purchaser Supply Chain in Amersfoort (in the Netherlands), joined in 2017

"Sustainability is an actual topic in The Netherlands and is increasingly getting more important for consumers. Dutch are willing to pay more for products with higher sustainability standards these days, and this will only grow in the future. I am part of a sustainability team, which focuses on improving animal welfare sourcing standards within Dr. Oetker. Some years ago Dr. Oetker Netherlands already took a proactive role by being the first Dr. Oetker country which sourced ‘Beter Leven 1*’ chicken meat for our total chicken volume. This is a high sourcing standard compared to the average European standard."

Favorite Product:

La Mia Grande Quattro Formaggi

Josy Spross

IT Specialist Consulting in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2020

“After my Master's degree, I wanted to do a trainee program in production or logistics. At the so-called Recruiting Day, we were interviewed individually and given various tasks to complete. You could also talk to the former trainees there and I immediately realized that there was a great trainee community here. That was one of the things that convinced me to join the trainee program at Dr. Oetker, in addition to my professional interest.”

Favorite Product:

High Protein Pudding Semolina

Vânia Fiúza

Country Manager in Lisbon (Portugal), joined in 2022

“We have people in our team with different profiles and experience - a good mix of young talents who want to develop their careers at Dr. Oetker and experienced professionals with different backgrounds. All of them great people who work in a pleasant atmosphere to achieve the best for the company. Despite the increasingly difficult market conditions we are very positive about the future because we have the right people and an excellent range that we can offer retailers and consumers.”

Favorite Product:

Ristorante Spinaci

Luis Aelker

Senior Quality Assurance Manager Pizza in Bielefeld (Germany), joined in 2019

“After the first points of contact during the Oetker Group's Talent Days, I have now been working for international quality assurance in Bielefeld for almost 5 years. In daily exchanges with our raw material suppliers - especially in the plant-based sector - I regularly have the opportunity to provide impulses in order to be able to offer ever better products in this sector in addition to our required consistent quality. I particularly enjoy traveling to our suppliers, the familiar atmosphere in the company and the daily constructive exchange with colleagues at our locations around the world.”

Favorite Product:

La Mia Pinsa Spinach Vegan

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