Dr. Oetker – a family business with tradition.

Founded in Bielefeld in 1891, the Dr. Oetker family business ranks among the leading branded goods companies in the German food industry. The Dr. Oetker brand is known to virtually every consumer. In numerous ranges encompassing, among other things, baking goods, baking mixes, dessert powders, ready desserts, muesli products, frozen pizzas and snacks, Dr. Oetker is represented by some 400 different products in Germany.
It is market leader in almost all its product lines.

About Dr. Oetker
Dr. Oetker’s high standing is founded on trust, sustainability and credibility. Find out more about one of Germany’s best-known brands. more
Quality is the best recipe
The Dr. Oetker brand has been a guarantor of the highest quality and outstanding taste over generations. Learn more about the Dr. Oetker brand here. more
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Whether breakfast, snack, appetiser, main dish, dessert or cake: Dr. Oetker is present almost everywhere. Discover the product diversity of Dr. Oetker. more
 International presence
Dr. Oetker – an international company
The Dr. Oetker brand today is present on all continents. See where the international locations can be found here. more