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Gdansk a buzzing

Dr. Oetker Poland joins forces with the happy sweet platform to adopt bees.

Gdansk a buzzing

7.6.2022 Sustainability

With their distinctive furry bodies, translucent wings, and black and gold stripes, the bee has been a familiar sight for millions of years. We rely heavily on them to pollinate, help plants grow, breed, and produce food. Up to 70% of the world's agriculture is dependent on bees. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these tiny insects are vital to maintaining a healthy environment and economy. However, bees have become increasingly endangered in recent decades due to intensive farming, insecticide use, and climate change.

Bienenstöcke auf dem Dach des Dr. Oetker Bürogebäudes in Danzig.

Urban apiaries on the roof of the Dr. Oetker offices in Gdansk.   

Protecting bees is crucial for the planet

Protecting and supporting these hardworking insects is crucial for the health of both people and the planet. In cooperation with Beepup.pl and the Happy Sweet Platform, colleagues from Dr. Oetker Poland adopted Buckfast bees to help these endangered insects. Properly kept they can provide record amounts of honey. Since 2020, there has been an urban apiary on the roof of the Dr. Oetker offices in Gdansk, housing up to half a million bees.

"By joining the campaign, support the balance in nature to which bees are so crucial. Thus, we succeed a little in our ambition to improve sustainability.”

Anna Romejko, PR Manager, Dr. Oetker Poland

Would you also like to contribute? Here's how:

What can you do to help? You do not need to set up an urban apiary to help these insects. Why not make your garden or balcony bee-friendly by planting a range of flowers such as primroses, buddleias, and marigolds so bees can easily access the nectar. If you have space, why not leave some of your garden unattended. Some of the species love long grass and building nests under hedgerows. We all can do something for bees by making small changes in our daily lives.

For further information please contact:

Katharina Ahnepohl

Media Spokesperson Sustainability