Dr. Oetker is recognized as a top employer internationally

Dr. Oetker s once again ranked among the top 750 multinational companies in Forbes' "World's Best Employers 2021" list.

Dr. Oetker is recognized as a top employer internationally

6.12.2021 Corporate News

<Bielefeld, 12/6/2021> Once again, the company, which operates in more than 40 countries, ranks among the top 750 multinational corporations in Forbes' "World's Best Employers 2021" list. Together with Statista, the magazine ranked the world's best employers. 150,000 full-time and part-time employees of multinational companies and institutions from 58 countries were surveyed. "In the international ranking, we are number 2 in the food sector and ranked 18th overall. We are delighted about this as it reflects the spirit and energy of all colleagues shaping and enriching Dr. Oetker’s value-driven and people-focused culture.”

A leading employer in Germany 

Dr. Oetker is one of the Leading Employers. This is the result of the study of the same name by the Institute of Research & Data Aggregation, which collected data from around 160,000 companies in Germany to determine the top 1 percent. Dr. Oetker ranked first in North Rhine-Westphalia out of the 25 companies honored and ranked second out of 533 companies overall. In the food/agriculture industry category, the innovative family-owned company is 1st place ahead of the other 50 companies listed.

The Leading Employers study is based on a holistic approach. In addition to common criteria such as working conditions, image, employee satisfaction, and values, the study also considers aspects such as corporate social responsibility, diversity, health,and innovation. These additional elements provide a more realistic picture of the quality of an employer. These include ratings on well-known employer review platforms such as Kununu, Glassdoor, or Indeed, and performance on the social media channels LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Dr. Oetker's websites and the sections dedicated to training and career topics were also examined. Defined content and technical criteria, such as SEO performance and the searchability of content relevant to the target group, play a central role in the evaluation by the experts from business and science who work on the study. Data was collected from April to Dr. Oetker Deutschland November 2021, and the Leading Employers study has been conducted in Germany since 2017. "Honest feedback on the evaluation platforms helps us to address the potential for improvement. Authenticity in both directions is crucial: A team of apprentices, interns, and trainees, therefore, ensure that target-group-specific content is always posted in the appropriate tone. The good ranking confirms that we are on the right track," says Vera Kemper, Professional Employer Branding, People and Culture, Germany.

Further information on the rankings can be found at Forbes Ranking World's Best Employers and Leading Employers.

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