Little steps make a big difference: Dr. Oetker participates in Veganuary in 2023!

Dr. Oetker participates in Veganuary 2023 again with a variety of communication measures around the vegan product portfolio.

Little steps make a big difference: Dr. Oetker participates in Veganuary in 2023!

8.11.2022 Brands and Products

Bielefeld, November 2022 – More than 629.000 people from 228 countries and regions around the globe took Veganuary 2022 as an opportunity to try vegan nutrition in January. The 31-day campaign encourages participants every year to consume only plant-based foods. The vegan products of Dr. Oetker represent an important step towards climate protection, which is why the company also participates in the upcoming Veganuary.

Veganuary especially addresses people who just occasionally eat animal foods and only small amounts. Hence, more and more consumers consciously choose a permanent plant-based and climate-friendly nutrition. That is why the demand for plant-based non-animal product alternatives and vegan preparation methods steadily increases – at Dr. Oetker, too. The company pursues the goal to create a meaningful difference for climate protection with small and collective steps like the production of vegan food alternatives and the participation in Veganuary. Dr. Oetker consequently wants to provide interested individuals with a selection of vegan products, but also leave the decision on the form of nutrition to themselves: “We offer consumers the possibility to make a small contribution without having to give up delicious products like cake, desserts or pizza”, explains Dr. Oetker Masterbrand Manager Marina Landgraf.

Let’s go, Veganuary!

Dr. Oetker realizes a bundle of varied measures of communication in Veganuary 2023. On the Dr. Oetker Website the Veganuary-campaign is incorporated as an integral component content wise and in the design. The social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest regularly supply vegan recipe ideas and present vegan Dr. Oetker products. Cooperations with vegan influencers and a follow-up event create additional attention for the Veganuary-month.

Vegan nutrition made simple: the plant-based product variety of Dr. Oetker

To encourage individual decisions of consumers for a better climate, the well-being of animals and their own health, Dr. Oetker offers a continuously growing selection of vegan products and recipes. Either the foods are specifically developed as vegan alternatives or they are per se vegan and, thus, suitable for a fast and uncomplicated preparation of vegan recipes. As of this year, a few new plant-based products joined multiple product lines, whereby a diversified nutrition is made easy for customers in Veganuary. The variety of vegan Dr. Oetker products thereby supports the goals of the Sustainability Charter to offer innovative and healthy foods, to minimize the ecological footprint and to become climate neutral in all direct and indirect operations by 2050.

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