Transparency counts: Dr. Oetker introduces Nutri-Score

Transparency counts: Dr. Oetker introduces Nutri-Score

1.9.2021 Brands and Products

Bielefeld, September 2021 - Effective immediately, Dr. Oetker is offering consumers more orientation in their food choices: The Nutri-Score is coming! In all Dr. Oetker countries in which Nutri-Score is legitimized, the labeling model will be visible on the front of the packaging of all the brand's products by the end of 2023 at the latest - that means 400 products for Germany alone. Dr. Oetker sees this as an important step to offer consumers complete transparency about the nutritional values and ingredients of the products.

Nutri Score on pizza, dessert & cake

With two new pizza ranges, the starting shot for the introduction of the Nutri-Score at Dr.Oetker will be given in fall 2021: The seal will appear on The Good Baker pizzas in Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland; and on La Mia Pinsa in Germany. In January 2022, other Dr. Oetker national companies such as those in France, Belgium and Luxembourg will register for use. As part of relaunch, in the course of the year 2022, all Ristorante products and then all other pizza ranges will be progressively labeled with the Nutri-Score in the above-mentioned markets. The Nutri-Score will also appear on Dr. Oetker muesli and dessert products in the first half of 2022, for example on Vitalis Porridge, PAULA Müslispaß und PAULA Pudding. All other desserts and the numerous country-specific cake products - including, as one of the first, the ready-made cake confectionery from My Sweet Table - will be labeled with the Nutri-Score in Germany and Spain by Q3/2023 and in the other registered markets by the end of 2023 at the latest. In addition, international Dr. Oetker products with Nutri-Score will be imported into other countries that allow this labeling for imported goods.

Promoting conscious choices, offering alternatives

With the introduction of Nutri-Score and other initiatives for more transparency, Dr. Oetker wants to encourage consumers to make conscious purchase decisions. This goes hand in hand with another goal of the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter: to offer healthier, innovative alternatives in every range and to communicate these clearly. At the same time, the health properties of the existing products are continuously optimized: For a long time now, Dr. Oetker has been progressively working to reduce sugar and salt in its products and, where possible, improve the nutritional profiles. Always with an eye to ensuring that the taste remains just as good as before, which is what Dr. Oetker is known for.

More complexity in logistics chains

The Nutri-Score will appear on hundreds of products at Dr.Oetker throughout Europe within the next 24 months. Behind this is a complex logistical effort that an international team has now perfectly mastered: While the previous presentation of the nutritional information according to the Food Information Regulation (LMIV) made it possible to sell the products with the same, multilingual packaging in all EU countries, the indication of the Nutri-Score is no longer accepted in all EU member states. For some countries, therefore, separate packaging without Nutri-Score must now be offered. Consequently, EU-wide acceptance would provide Dr. Oetker significantly more planning security.

Transparency at a glance

Nutri-Score is an advanced nutritional labeling system that is applied to the front of the product packaging. The evaluation is based on a fixed scheme in which nutritionally beneficial nutrients and ingredients such as protein, fibre, fruits, vegetables, nuts and certain oils - are weighed up against unfavorable nutrients such as sodium, saturated fatty acids, sugar and energy. This results in an overall evaluation in the form of a score. Using a 5-level color scale from A to E, consumers can then easily compare the nutritional value of foods in a category at a glance: Corresponding to the traffic light colors, the 5 colors from dark green to red stand for the nutritional evaluation of the food according to Nutri-Score. This makes Nutri-Score a useful addition to the information required by law, such as the list of ingredients and nutritional information, which of course continues to be communicated on the packaging.

Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter

Sustainable action and corporate responsibility have a long tradition at Dr. Oetker. Our claim is to create a taste of home for everyone. Guided by this purpose, we are constantly developing our company and paving the way for a sustainable future. That is why we adopted the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter in 2020, thereby firmly anchoring a new roadmap on sustainability in our actions. The Sustainability Charter consists of the dimensions Our Food, Our World and Our Company and includes both concrete sustainability goals and commitments that we face as a responsible company.

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