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A long-term partnership

The partnership between Dr. Oetker and SOS Children’s Villages in Germany has been going on since 2008. We talked to Martin Stodolka (Head of Consumer Relations) and Ronja Berg (Project Manager for the partnership with SOS Children’s Villages in Germany) about what makes this long-term partnership so special.

A long-term partnership

3.5.2022 Social Commitment

What makes the partnership special? 

Martin Stodolka: The partnership has grown through shared values like trust, reliability, and diversity. We support the construction of new buildings, modernization, and renovation work on the homes of the Children's Village or make financial contributions to the ongoing maintenance costs of facilities. The close exchange in all projects, from planning to implementation, makes the partnership special. We discuss topics and identify possibilities. We want to help where the help is needed most. We are close to the social issues, and this is always a meaningful experience, also emotionally.

Ronja Berg: During the pandemic, we also developed ideas on how to put a smile on the children's faces despite the contact restrictions. Before Easter 2020, we sent product packages to all SOS Children's Villages in Germany. Baking and decorating took place in the individual children's village families - this brought a lot of fun and a bit of distraction during this time.

Dr. Oetker is actively involved in several SOS Children's Villages projects. The one in Hamburg recently joined the list. 

Martin Stodolka: The concept convinced us immediately. As more and more people live in cities, SOS Children's Villages are becoming more active through urban children's villages in places where they are needed. In addition, as emerged from discussions with SOS Children's Villages, outpatient assistance is becoming increasingly important for many families and children in today's world. Within the new "family center," Dr. Oetker has financed the furnishing for a new family café named "Café Krümel." It's a place for everyone to meet and get together in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. As a family business, we support this project wholeheartedly.

What other activities exist? 

Ronja Berg: Our annual wish tree campaign has become a tradition. Our Christmas tree in the employee restaurant in Bielefeld is decorated with the wishes of children and young people, in this case from the SOS Children's Village Lippe in Schieder-Schwalenberg (near Bielefeld), employees at Dr. Oetker then fulfill the gift wishes. In summer, a flower meadow blooms in front of Dr. Oetker Welt. Whoever picks can make a donation. The sum collected annually in the four-digit range also benefits the SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. charity. The great thing is that everyone in the company can get involved in these sustainable projects.

Dr. Oetker Mitarbeiter im Gespräch

Does the partnership exist only in Germany?

Ronja Berg: The partnership is run decentralized, which means we plan for Germany. However, we are delighted that around 15 Dr. Oetker national companies contribute with creative ideas and activities for SOS Children's Villages or, where there are none locally, in other countries.

Martin Stodolka: Additionally, the whole company has often provided emergency financial aid when other parts of the world were subject to natural disasters and children needed rapid assistance.

The special thing about this CSR commitment is...

Martin Stodolka: ...definitely, the shared experience and creation of various activities for children.

Ronja Berg: ...the close and trust-based cooperation from which new and exciting projects constantly emerge.