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Día del Niño and Ciclotón: Sweet events in Mexico

Dr. Oetker D'Gari is involved in two special holidays in Mexico with products and baking campaigns, creating a good atmosphere for families and athletes.

Día del Niño and Ciclotón: Sweet events in Mexico

16.5.2024 Company and Culture

Two special events took place in Mexico at the end of April: Día del Niño (Children's Day) and Ciclotón (Cycling Day). Our dedicated colleagues from the D'Gari and Rexal brands were active throughout the weekend, creating a great atmosphere for families and athletes.

Children's Day is very important in Mexico and is not only celebrated with the family, but also with public festivities. In Mexican culture, the family and children in particular are very important, which is also reflected in the significance of the day.

On this years Día del Niño, Dr. Oetker D’Gari participated in an event organized by a well-known magazine for kids. More than a thousand children decorated delicious dinosaur-shaped cakes. Using Rexal baking powder, D’Gari pudding, and colorful sprinkles, they created sweet artworks.

Employees from Rexal during an event for Dia del nino

The Cycling Day takes place in Meixico every last Sunday of the month and coincided with Children’s Day in 2024. ‘Being active’ was emphasized, and it wasn’t just bicycles that filled Mexico City’s city center. Around 90,000 people cycled, walked, and ran around the ‘Angel of Independence’ on Avenida Reforma.

Our colleagues from D’Gari and Rexal were handing our refreshing jellies to the athletes and also included packages of our recently launched instant pudding. This allowed participants to enjoy the products at home.

Colleagues from D'Gari during Cicloton

Dr. Oetker D'Gari is located in the city of Querétaro not far away from Mexico City. The acquisition of D'Gari in 2015 made it the leader in Mexico's gelatin dessert market. D'Gari employs over 700 people and, with the 2017 acquisition of REXAL (baking aids and syrups), Dr. Oetker enjoys a strategic location for national distribution with good highway access.

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"Participating in these events allowed us to connect with the community. The positive response we received from both events was fantastic!" Eligio Cozzoli, Executive Marketing Manager, Dr. Oetker Mexico