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“Everyone has an opinion about Pizza Hawaii”

Find out here why Dr. Oetker pizza is a hot topic in the Twitter community.

“Everyone has an opinion about Pizza Hawaii”

22.5.2022 Digitalisation

Pizza polarizes and is one of the most discussed topics on social media. Twitter has developed into a central channel for the communication about Dr. Oetker frozen pizza and provides topics of conversation in the community. Why do Twitter and pizza to-gether go so well? Our Social Media Manager Maximilian Waechter tells us why.

What was the idea behind the Twitter channel @DrOetkerPizza DE?

Maximilian Waechter: We set up the channel in 2015. It was originally intended for testing purposes because we wanted to find out how well Twitter worked for advertising. The platform was nowhere near as popular for brands as Facebook was, for example. Bit by bit, I tried different Tweets and functions, and over time, I realized that Twitter is exactly my thing. Short, snappy texts combined with my very own sense of humor suit me and seem to go down well. Over the years, we have developed to one of the most successful German brand accounts with over 50,000 followers. 

Do you find it easy to always strike the right tone?

Maximilian Waechter: I am fortunate that my own sense of humor and Twitter go together well. Nine times out of ten, everything goes well and sometimes a Tweet goes wrong. That's just part of it and you learn from it for the next time.  

Why is Twitter the right channel for Dr. Oetker Pizza?

Maximilian Waechter: Pizza is a very popular dish and therefore an emotional topic. Everyone has an opinion about Pizza Hawaii – so frozen pizza provides plenty to talk about. Regardless of the product, however, it is important to build up a close relationship with the community and to know their favorite and insider topics. Whether it's gaming, series or movies – you have to be able to join in the conversation, otherwise you'll quickly be caught out and won't be successful on Twitter. As I am personally interested in these things – which also fit well with pizza – it is relatively easy for me.

What does a typical working day look like for you and what do you like about it?

Maximilian Waechter: Checking Twitter has become my morning ritual. I get an overview of current trending topics, check comments and news. Afterwards, I devote myself to my mails and other projects – because the Twitter channel is not my only task. As a social media manager, together with my colleagues in digital marketing, I look after the website, a smartphone app and newsletter in addition to the other social media channels. What I particularly like: I can have a lot of fun on Twitter and at the same time do good for our brand – so it is a win-win situation! 

What's your personal recipe for success?

Maximilian Waechter: As I already mentioned, the bond with the community is very important if you want to belong on Twitter. You have to speak the right language, have an understanding for the topics of conversation and not take yourself too seriously. At the same time, you need support from the company, spontaneity and, in the end, a little courage.