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Female Empowerment: learnings from our female leaders

In line with our Purpose and Sustainability Charter, diversity should become our greatest strength. An international Diversity & Inclusion team works on dimensions like age, gender, sexual orientation and identity, religion, physical and mental abilities, or ethnic background. Various individual activities along these dimensions have already been initiated – like the "Female Leaders Talk.”

Female Empowerment: learnings from our female leaders

19.4.2022 Sustainability Our Company

In international virtual sessions, female leaders at Dr. Oetker share their stories, successes, and experiences to engage, inspire, and connect on the gender dimension.

Nina Hofmann, Executive Manager Talent at People and Culture, International, and project lead of the Diversity & Inclusion team summarizes the feedback to this format: “The individual backgrounds and experiences of our female leaders, their differences and their similarities are truly inspiring. Their passion to share learnings and advise was impressive”.

For example, Cécile van Zandijcke, International Senior Executive Manager Business Development & Integration (left picture), encouraged the colleagues to go into targeted career conversations “Voice what you want! Never expect people to guess what you are interested in. Speak up with respect and give context, thus creating awareness around business areas you are passionate about, and enabling feedback that will help you grow.” 

Dr. Judith Güthoff, International Senior Executive Manager Sustainability & Compliance (right picture), stressed the importance of self-awareness: “Know yourself! Spend time to understand what you are really passionate about, what you like and what you don´t like. You need this self-awareness to make good decisions for your very individual career.”

Colleagues worldwide are looking forward to the subsequent sessions! This is only one example of the company’s initiatives to raise the employees’ awareness of diversity and inclusion and strengthen this vital part of the corporate culture.