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“Happy with my apprenticeship”

Nils Kaul is an industrial clerk at Dr. Oetker in Bielefeld. The 18-year-old became aware of the apprenticeship by researching on the Internet. We asked him how his apprenticeship is going.

“Happy with my apprenticeship”

9.2.2022 Company and Culture

Almost 300 days at Dr. Oetker: How are things going?

Nils Kaul: I’m really very happy because I’ve obviously chosen the right apprenticeship and, above all, the right company for me. In these six months, I’ve gotten to know so many different departments and people, and it has been a lot of fun!

So what do you do?

Nils Kaul: I’ve been training to become an industrial clerk at Dr. Oetker since August 2021. Which means that I'm learning everything about planning, implementing and monitoring the various commercial and business administration tasks, and I'm right in the middle of the action because I can work and learn directly within the individual departments. Previous positions include: People and Culture, Marketing, International Supply Chain as well as Corporate Communication and Historical Communication.

What do you like the most about it?

Nils Kaul: What I really like is that we apprentices only ever stay in a department for a relatively short time, a maximum of six weeks. That way we can get to know asmany areas as and still be helpful. What's more, since I started my apprenticeship, I've always been amazed at how nice, friendly and helpful all the colleagues you meet are, without any exception.

In March, the vocational school was added…

Nils Kaul: Yes, exactly. I was quite excited about it. I like the subjects, especially business processes. When I was at school, I particularly liked English and social sciences.

How do the apprentices exchange with each other?

Nils Kaul: Usually, there is an apprentice lunch once a week in the staff restaurant in Bielefeld. Due to Corona, we do it online via Teams. It's not the same, but it's a nice way to exchange ideas with the other apprentices once a week. We also exchange ideas in a WhatsApp group or meet up in our free time. 

Let's talk about your free time: What's the best way to disconnect from work?

Nils Kaul: I can do that best with handball; in my hometown of Wiedenbrück (Germany), I’m currently playing in the A-youth team. Other than that, I like to spend time with friends and family.

Dr. Oetker in three words.

Nils Kaul: Competence. Congenial. Appreciation.

Your favorite product?

Nils Kaul: The Waldmeister-Götterspeise with vanilla sauce and the pizza burger.* It was ahead of its time.

*The pizza burger was part of Dr. Oetker Germany's product range from 2013 to 2020.

What do you want your future to look like?

Nils Kaul: First of all, of course, a successful apprenticeship and later success and happiness, both in my private life and in the company which will hopefully then still be Dr. Oetker.