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“I appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness”

Berivan Ereng has been in the first year of her apprenticeship as a food technology specialist at the Dr. Oetker locations in Bielefeld and Oerlinghausen (Germany). She has good things to report: "I'm learning a lot of new things and I'm happy to be able to complete my apprenticeship in such a successful company." Berivan appreciates the friendliness and helpfulness in the company.

“I appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness”

2.5.2022 Company and Culture

Dear Berivan, that sounds like the right decision...

Berivan Ereng: Yes, absolutely, because the values of this company are the same as my own. The work is fun and it’s nice to be able to say that I’m a part of this company.

Please tell us something about your apprenticeship.

Berivan Ereng: I go through several different stations in the company and I’m currently in production. This process has helped me to understand and see the work structure from receiving raw materials to the final product. I’m someone who likes to use my hands to achieve work goals.

What is special about it? What do you like most about it?

Berivan Ereng: I like getting to know every department, including the diverse machines. It’s interesting to see how everything has developed. I get to meet a lot of colleagues who, in turn, have been with the company for a long time or who have also just started like me. It’s helpful to exchange ideas with colleagues to be able to get other opinions and share knowledge.

Corona has changed a lot. How do you apprentices organise yourselves?

Berivan Ereng: I started my apprenticeship during the Corona pandemic. I was impressed by how many processes are carried out digitally and how willing and courteous my colleagues are in supporting us, trainees. In the event of problems, I can be sure that I always have someone I can ask for help.

Dr. Oetker in three words.

Berivan Ereng: I would like to describe Dr. Oetker with these three words:  modern, familiar and trusting.

Your favorite product?

Berivan Ereng: I have several favorite products. I can't really choose one. I love the classic vanilla pudding because I grew up eating it, and it reminds me of my childhood. So it has a certain kind of nostalgia for me. I also enjoy Dr. Oetker cakes, both the ready-to-eat cakes and the baking mixes, with my favorite being the mole cake.

What would you wish for your future?

Berivan Ereng: That we get through this difficult time with the pandemic, that everyone stays healthy and that we work together for the environment and a better future.