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The journey to tasty protein-rich cakes

High protein products are a nutrition trend - not only for fitness lovers. Also from our Dr. Oetker range they are indispensable. Come with us behind the scenes of our product development.

The journey to tasty protein-rich cakes

2.11.2022 Products and Services

More and more people are taking care to live a more conscious lifestyle, without wanting to do without indulgence. Our colleagues in product development and marketing in Germany regularly look at the latest trends to create innovative moments of enjoyment for our consumers. We took a look behind the scenes.

Products with a high protein content have become a nutritional trend. The Dr. Oetker High Protein Range is varied: in addition to high-protein puddings, rice pudding, and semolina porridge, there is also a delicious selection of cake snacks. Every detail matters in the development of the high-protein cakes. For this reason, our team tests, among other things, different varieties of sugar-free chocolate drops for the High Protein Küchlein Schokino.

How protein cake is made

In the next step, the High Protein Cakes are test-baked in different cup sizes. A small cup is sufficient for the classic cup cakes, while a large cup is needed for the High Protein Cake.

Employees in Dr. Oetker laboratory during product development

The texture of the High Protein Küchlein Schoko is then checked to ensure that it is not too liquid, but also not too firm. For the perfect High Protein Küchlein consistency, the right combination of oat and wheat flour is crucial.

Comparison of two High Protein Cakes from Dr. Oetker

The finished protein cakes - What's in them?

Lastly, a final look at the ingredients list. The tasty snacks contain 10 g of protein in the prepared cakes and are a source of fiber as well as low in sugar. In addition, the new range is Nutri-Scored and achieves an A in both varieties. With the Nutri-Score, we want to offer our consumers more transparency and comparability when choosing products.

One thing is certain: The High Protein range provides active foodies with protein-rich moments of indulgence.

Two Dr. Oetker employees are proud of a new High Protein product