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VEGANUARY in our employee restaurant

The VEGANUARY has started in the employee restaurant at the headquarters in Bielefeld. The kitchen team will prepare at least one vegan-friendly meal a day for the whole month of January.

VEGANUARY in our employee restaurant

5.1.2024 Sustainability

With an international campaign and various measures, Dr. Oetker is inspiring people to be part of the global Veganuary Challenge. During the Veganuary month, the employee restaurant will offer colleagues in Bielefeld a variety of vegan options.

The employee restaurant serves around 1,000 meals a day in Bielefeld. The team of around 20 employees is led by the head of the company kitchen Martin Wittkowsky, and they all work passionately to offer colleagues & visitors a fresh, delicious and variable menu every day. In addition to the recurring classics, a fresh daily salad bar and sweet desserts, there are regularly special offers happening. The inspiration therefore is taken from current themes or festive occasions.


vegan food

Vegan dishes during the lunch break

Veganuary has been taking place in the Dr. Oetker employee restaurant for a few years already. The Veganuary initiative is about trying various vegan dishes and products and discovering how you like the vegan lifestyle. The first Veganuary offers in the employee restaurant consisted of offering a vegan dish on individual days or for a week. Due to the positive feedback from the employees, it has been established for the whole month of January meanwhile. 

vegan food

"We want to offer all Veganuary participants the chance to enjoy a delicious, high-quality vegan dish in our employee restaurant," says Martin Wittkowsky.  

This means that there will be a plant-based dish to choose from on the menu every day in January. No dish will be repeated during the 31- day period, as diversity and variety are appreciated. You could think that a lot of planning and preparation is required for such an event, well since the team’s experience is great and the development of dietary preferences in recent years have shown that a dish does not have to be extraordinary. 

vegan dish

Growing demand for plant-based alternatives

The growing demand for vegetarian dishes has automatically lead to an increase in vegan dishes being served at the employee restaurant as well – even without labelling them as such. The demand for vegetarian dishes throughout the year is now virtually balanced in relation to dishes that contain meat, and Martin Wittkowsky adds "Five years ago, we served perhaps a third of the vegetarian dishes that are now ordered every day.” The employee restaurant team is particularly pleased with the positive feedback from the colleagues, who are growing increasingly enthusiastic about participating in the yearly Veganuary Challenge. 

"We offer a vegetarian dish every day throughout the year. Most of these are already vegan or can be made vegan on request by omitting or replacing individual components." (Dirk Woker, chef, responsible for the vegetarian & vegan dishes)

The staff restaurants in our national companies in Italy and France also offer a vegan lunch menu in January. In our Veganuary story from Italy, cameo employee Giorgia Ferretti talks about her experiences with a vegan diet and how she integrates it into her everyday life.

In France, all employees also receive a free pretzel snack from Ancel in Veganuary. All pretzels and snacks (apart from those with cheese) are vegan.

Dr. Oetker employees from France with a free pretzel snack during Veganuary

Since 2014, the non-profit organization "Veganuary" has been calling on people all over the world to try out a vegan diet in January. The aim of the challenge is to show people that a vegan diet and lifestyle is not that difficult. Anyone interested can register for free on the Veganuary website and will then receive lots of tips & tricks, recipe ideas etc. for 31 days.

Further information about Dr. Oetker's participation in the VEGANUARY.