Pay with PO only

Purchase Order & Invoice

At Dr. Oetker, we highly value our relationships with our suppliers and strive to continually improve our business processes to run smoothly for both suppliers and our organization. With the implementation of our new Supplier Relationship Management suite ePOOL, we have also introduced the “Pay with Purchase Order Only” guideline. Therefore, Dr. Oetker will be enforcing that a Purchase Order is required for all goods and services ordered from all our external suppliers and service providers.

Why “Pay with Purchase Order only”?

The guideline has clear benefits for your organization and Dr. Oetker. A Purchase Order (PO) ensures appropriate management approval and full compliance with all applicable laws and Dr. Oetker policies, which results not only in timely payment, but also strengthens our business relationship with you.

Dr. Oetker Purchase to Pay Process

How to invoice us

All suppliers and service providers have to request a PO number from their Dr. Oetker business partner prior to providing goods or services. Invoices received without a PO number will result in a delay in the payment process, followed by a notice from us to the supplier to provide the PO.

To facilitate timely payment to suppliers or service providers, Dr. Oetker strongly encourages the usage of the local Accounts Payable email address (see below) for invoicing (for the attention of the Accounts Payable department, not for the attention of the requester of the goods or services).

As a supplier, reach out to international Procurement or Accounting for any questions or concerns related to the “Pay with PO only” guideline.