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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Correct packaging is crucial to ensure that our quality products reach consumers undamaged.

Because before our Dr. Oetker products are consumed or used at home, they usually have a long journey behind them – from the production plant to the interim storage facility to the retailer. In the food industry, packaging therefore fulfills important basic functions such as product, hygiene, taste and aroma protection and is indispensable for transport. It is important to us that it is also environmentally friendly.

When it comes to packaging, we differentiate between product packaging and transport packaging. The product packaging includes the classic sales packaging that can be found in stores. The essential materials for this are paper, cardboard, composites made of paper and plastic and pure plastics. Other materials such as glass or aluminum only account for a very small proportion of total consumption.

On average, product packaging currently accounts for around a tenth of the weight of the packaged product. We regularly test whether weight reduction is possible without endangering the protection of the product.

In addition to weight reduction, the optimization of packaging focuses on the use of recyclable materials. The material used for product packaging is around 80 percent paper-based and can be completely recycled after the usage phase. The paper or cardboard itself is made up of around 90 percent recycled material. For over 30 years we have been using polypropylene (PP) for plastic beakers, a material which characterized by its excellent recyclability. In addition, we prefer to use transparent or light-colored plastics that can be easily identified in the recycling companies' sorting systems and thus assigned to the correct material flows.

The transport packaging ensures that the products arrive safely at the retail outlet. This is primarily a paper-based material in the form of corrugated cardboard, which consists of around 95 percent recycled material. In addition, unprinted stretch films made of polyethylene (PE) are used, which can be completely recycled.

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Optimum Packaging for Our Products

Our quality promise not only stands for high-quality ingredients and a special taste experience, but also to a large extent for food safety. Find out more about how our packaging offers optimum protection during transport and storage, right through to consumption.

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