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New Business Models

A digitally connected journey.

Every day, our consumers make a wide variety of decisions, some of them consciously, others more intuitively. As a result, they come into contact with our brands and products through a variety of touchpoints. If we look at these touchpoints like a journey, our goal is to accompany them along the way – from their first perception of our products to their final purchase decision – and get them excited about our brands and products.

⁠The phases and stages of a consumer journey – an example:

User-Journey Infographic

It’s not just the brands and products that make Dr. Oetker unique; it’s also the many services we provide to meet various consumer needs. To complement our core business, we have been developing a cosmos of baking products and services.

One company combines our activities:

Our new business models and ventures around baking and co. have been grouped in one subsidiary: All About Cake GmbH. It forms the umbrella for our new business models and creates spaces and opportunities for moments of joy beyond the home.

From baking workshops to creative recipes and online retailing

Through our online sales channels, platforms, and services, we accompany our customers along their journey by providing them with the best possible offers and services. For this, we rely on a mix of proven services and solutions – such as the Dr. Oetker Baking Club and our cooking and baking workshops – as well as new business models that are still being tested. 

Station 1: Inspiring you to bake with edutainment

We are convinced that baking makes people happy. That's why we want to inspire more and more people to bake, with the help of a perfect recipe or through new ideas shared in our creative workshops. 

Station 2: An online shop for baking accessories with plenty of baking inspiration

Whether you’re looking for the right ingredients, the right baking accessories, creative decorations, or just inspiration, there’s something for both amateur and professional bakers in our online stores.

Station 3: Delivery and moments of indulgence away from home.

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