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Going one step further to develop new solutions and services is part of our DNA. For more than 130 years, we have been convinced that new paths and bold ideas are needed in a dynamic business environment. We are always looking for innovative business models and scalable start-ups specializing in pizzas, cakes, and desserts. Join our network and take your fledgling company to the next level.

We aim to contribute financial and business resources along the entire value chain and explore new horizons together to achieve our goals more effectively. In this way, we look to generate synergies via our global network by engaging in smart collaborations and thus taking our joint venture to the next level.

Experience Meets Innovation: This is what we offer our venture partners.

  • Market Experience: We have over 130 years of experience developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing food products.

  • Know-how: We offer access to the wealth of knowledge of our global Dr. Oetker experts across functions like digital marketing, data science, market research, B2B and B2C logistics infrastructure, and development, insurance, tax, legal, or accounting.

  • Market Insights: We share our global market insights. This allows us to work together to adjust concepts and ideas to the respective target groups.

  • Innovative Mindset: We combine the power of an agile venture investment team with a start-up mindset.

  • Business Network: We connect start-ups and founders with the right partners from our global network.

  • Capital: To align our respective interests, we also back our joint journey with venture capital, with the goal of building a profitable company always in sight.

Briefly explained: The path to a partnership with us.

  1. Founder’s Pitch
    After a preliminary screening of your company, you will get the chance to present a 45-minute virtual pitch. Should the interest be mutual, we will get to know each other better at our corporate headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany, or virtually.
  2. Testing the business model
    Following the pitch, we can discuss shared opportunities and potential synergies, as well as provide constructive feedback. If there is a possibility of a common future, we can collectively test the business plan.
  3. Growing together
    If we are impressed by a concept and gain you as a potential partner, we will invest in your business model and connect you and your team with the right contacts within our network. We will accompany the joint venture as a strategic partner based on the shared business plan.


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