Our Purpose

Creating a Taste of Home

Our International Compass

In a changing and often uncertain environment, the purpose is our unifying, global north star. It is based on our founder’s pioneering spirit and the values of our company and serves as a point of orientation for our employees, consumers, and partners alike.

Purpose Dr. Oetker

“With the increasing internationalization of our company, cultural diversity is also increasing. If we share one vision, one language and one Purpose, we can shape the future together with the same values.” – René Dol, Manager Human Resources, Dr. Oetker Netherlands

“I was very happy about the community feeling that was created through the Purpose launch. We feel like we are all part of the ‘big picture’ and with that, we feel valued.” – Ayca Bayman, Executive Manager Marketing, Dr. Oetker Türkiye

We live our Purpose according to three dimensions and twelve principles.

To best prepare for the challenges of the future, our Purpose combines an understanding of where we come from, where our business is today and where we should further develop in the future. To achieve this, we have aligned our actions and business decisions with the following three dimensions in mind: our environment & society, our consumers, and our employees. We defined four principles for each of the three dimensions, which we can use to measure our actions in order to bring these to life.

A home for our employees worldwide.

We are committed to creating an inspiring work environment, continually improving ourselves, and promoting diversity and equal opportunities in our teams. 

“We want to create an inspiring work environment by encouraging our employees to think entrepreneurially and outside the box, as well as to take ownership. We also want to see them develop and grow based on their potential and talents.”

– Axel Zinke, Member of the Executive Board, Germany

Conscious consumption with Dr. Oetker.

With the growing need for indulgence in line with a balanced lifestyle, we are responding to the needs and wishes of our consumers by working to offer them more balanced alternatives within our expanding range of products.

“With ‘The Good Baker’ pizza, we are combining several trends into a fresh, contemporary alternative. Our slogan ‘feel-good pizza’ sums up what we're all about.”

– Julia Klückmann, International Senior Brand Manager, Marketing International Pizza

We stand up for the environment and society.

We assume responsibility for the social and environmental impact of our operations and focus on achieving a more sustainable supply chain and improving our environmental footprint.

“The goals defined within our Sustainability Charter are timed and quantified. We carefully review all measures to assess how robust and credible they are and whether they positively improve the problem in question. For example, to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we first try to reduce our energy consumption and produce renewable energy ourselves before purchasing renewable energy. We offset any emissions that we are not currently able to avoid by investing in projects that are certified according to the highly recognized international "Gold Standard" or "Verified Carbon Standard" certification."

– Dr. Judith Guethoff, Senior Executive Manager Sustainability & Compliance

Discovering our Purpose

Believe it or not, a Purpose is not something that is invented. It exists at the heart of a company and is derived from its DNA. To uncover our dormant corporate Purpose, we embarked on a journey. Learn more about how we discovered the Dr. Oetker Purpose.

To define our Purpose Statement...

pages of information material were evaluated
workshops were conducted
employees in 36 countries were surveyed
Ambassadors we cooperated with

Our teams implement the Purpose worldwide.

For us, Purpose also means changing the way we think about things and taking bold action. Here you can find out about a wide range of initiatives and projects that relate to our Purpose and contribute to the environment and society. 

Three examples briefly presented

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