Driving Sustainability

We are taking responsibility.

Sustainability at Dr. Oetker

Sustainability is at the heart of our Purpose of “Creating a Taste of Home.” For us, this means taking responsibility: for the people manufacturing, transporting, and distributing our products as well as the people who buy and enjoy them. And the people whose lives we directly and indirectly influence through our actions. Taking sustainable action is the cornerstone of our journey towards regenerative business. Our aim is not only to reduce or avoid our negative impact on the world but to improve the state of the earth and, with it the livelihood of both people and animals.

Dr. Oetker Sustainability Our ambition

We take responsibility.

Doing our part to help create a future worth living in is important to us. To address the pressing issues facing us today and pave the way for a more sustainable future, we created the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter in 2020 – and thus set globally valid, ambitious sustainability targets for Dr. Oetker. These are paving the way for regenerative business practices that will not only help us avoid harm, but repair damage caused by corporate actions in the past.

Our Sustainability Charter

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The three dimensions of our Sustainability Charter

Sustainability Charter graphic from Dr. Oetker showing the three dimensions.

Our sustainability charter with the three dimensions

With the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter, we are committing ourselves to sustainable action. We have set ourselves concrete goals for this, which we assign to three dimensions: “Our Food”, “Our World” and “Our Company”. 30 project teams from different countries and specialist areas are working together to achieve these goals.

Consumers have many questions.

What are the nutritional values of a product? How is it packaged? Where do the ingredients come from? Consumers are asking themselves these and many other questions more and more frequently – because they want to make conscious decisions about what they eat.

Dr. Oetker Logo Our Food

We are looking for the best answers.

At Dr. Oetker, we are continuously working on:

  • Communicating the nutritional values, raw materials, and packaging concepts of our products more transparently to consumers,

  • improving those nutritional properties of our products, and

  • investing in innovative food choices for a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Clear goals for our products

These are topics we focus on:

Clean environment, fair society

As an international company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society and are taking action to counteract climate change.

Dr. Oetker Logo Our World

We are paving the way for a regenerative future.

We have set ourselves the following goals, to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a fair society:

  • Becoming climate neutral in all direct and indirect areas of influence,

  • To invest in recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging,

  • Reduce food waste, and

  • Achieve sustainable sourcing standards throughout our supply chains.

Clear goals for our environment and society

These are topics we focus on:

We are award-winning.

In 2021, we were again recognized as one of the world’s best employers on Forbes’ “World’s Best Employers” list. This motivates us to ensure that every employee feels at home in our team.

Dr. Oetker Logo Our Company

The key is to work together.

What we are doing to promote a diverse, safe, and inspiring working environment:

  • Guarantee equal rights and promote diversity

  • Zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment of any kind

  • Ensure a safe workplace

  • Guarantee a living wage

Clear goals for our employees

These are topics we focus on: