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Conscious choices to enjoy.

More and more people are paying closer attention to the way they eat. Balance and sustainability play an increasingly important role: Consumers are looking at the nutritional values and sugar or salt content of their food and are choosing plant-based options more frequently. To meet these demands, Dr. Oetker is dedicated to providing transparent information on nutritional values, ingredients, and the packaging of our products. We are also constantly improving our recipes and introducing new, more sustainable products – while upholding the same standards of quality and taste. 

Full transparency

Knowing what's inside – we embrace this desire. Our goal is to provide complete transparency about our products' nutritional values, ingredients, raw materials, and packaging materials. Either directly on the product label or through detailed information on our websites.

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Transparency desired! We implement the Nutri-Score on many of our products.

From A to E & green to red: With the Nutri-Score, consumers can compare nutritional values at a glance and make more informed food choices. By the end of 2023 – in the EU countries that accept the labeling system – all labeled Dr. Oetker brand products will gradually receive the Nutri-Score label on the front of the packaging.

Optimizing our tried-and-true recipes.

Tasty moments, one can feel good about: We are always improving the nutritional profiles of our products and set ourselves specific targets for this around the world. For example, by 2025 we aim to reduce sugar by 15 percent in all our desserts, by 10 percent in ready-made cakes and baking mixes, and reduce salt to no more than 1g/100g of pizza.

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Inside our research & development department: We continuously optimize the nutritional profiles of our products.

As little as possible, as much as necessary

Products with natural ingredients and short ingredient lists are receiving more and more interest from consumers. We are continually working on using fewer additives or avoiding them altogether with the help of advanced technologies and refined recipes.

1g of salt/100g

Dr. Oetker Stories

In our magazine, we show what inspires us

Fresh ideas welcome!

Be it vegan recipes, new ingredients, more protein, or shorter ingredient lists, we’re closely monitoring trends and consumer demands relating to pizza, cakes and desserts. We always ask ourselves, do our products meet the current needs? Here’s an overview of our current innovations.

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Innovations in check: a tasting of "The Good Baker"

The feel-good pizza

A crispy, thin crust baked in a stone oven, lots of colorful vegetables, plant-based proteins and vegan or non-vegan cheese are the hallmarks of Dr. Oetker’s first completely vegetarian pizza range, “The Good Baker”. We have developed it without sugar, artificial flavors or taste enhancers. In addition to the well-known V-label for vegan or vegetarian products, the assortment carries the green Nutri-Scores A or B. The Good Baker has been available since fall 2021, in the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, and Belgium.

Creamy, plant based, love it!

Since 2021, the delicious creamy Dr. Oetker pudding has also been available in a plant-based version: With LoVE it!, Dr. Oetker is expanding its already extensive range of desserts to include vegan products in the refrigerated section. Made with almonds and brown cane sugar, LoVE it! is currently available in Germany, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

A classic goes vegan.

Vegan pizzas in the Ristorante range: As part of our best-selling pizza range worldwide, we’ve been offering plant-based options in a number of European countries as well as Canada since 2021. For example, the Ristorante Pizza Margherita Pomodori with cocktail tomatoes, marinated tomato chunks, green pesto with herbs, and melt-in-your-mouth cheese substitute made with coconut oil. The Ristorante Pizza Rossa Vegetale with grilled vegetables and green pesto promises real Ristorante joy even without cheese.