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Diversity at Dr. Oetker

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We see diversity as an opportunity.

At Dr. Oetker, our focus is on people. To live up to this principle, we rely on three pillars: respectful interaction, a safe work environment, and a diverse workforce. We firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive corporate culture is the key to more creativity and innovation. That is why we made promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace one of the key objectives of our Sustainability Charter.

Our Ambition

It is our purpose to create a taste of home. So, we’re curious about individual talent and everybody’s involvement – not age, gender, nationality, background, or whom you love. What counts is your authentic self. Thus, we strongly believe that diversity and inclusion will bring out the best in all of us. We want our corporate culture to be a home for everyone, and we’re all in.

"We value differences and want to foster diversity and inclusion within Dr. Oetker. Not because the topic is a current trend. But because we firmly believe that it is mutually beneficial for people and the business." – Nina Hofmann, Executive Manager Talent, People and Culture, International.

What we do.

Since fall 2020, an international team has been exploring further aspects of diversity at Dr. Oetker. In various open formats and interactive initiatives, participants share knowledge and exchange perspectives and experiences to find out where there is potential for action and information – and how everyone can contribute. Check out what we are doing to strengthen diversity and inclusion at Dr. Oetker.

Dr. Oetker Stories

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Examples of our engagement

The foundation for diversity at Dr. Oetker is our Purpose and the Sustainability Charter. It is the north star for all our actions and activities around the world. Learn more about our commitment to a diverse and inspiring work culture at Dr. Oetker.

Learning with and from each other.

To enable our employees to develop continuously according to their interests and talents, we are working to establish a culture of "lifelong learning" at Dr. Oetker. We provide attractive training opportunities and formats and encourage exchanging ideas between departments and teams. After all, establishing a learning culture also means breaking down silos and making knowledge available to everyone.

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What we value.

In addition to promoting diversity and inclusivity, our Sustainability Charter outlines other key commitments that we believe are central to our operations as a responsible company.

Learn more about the other two dimensions:

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