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       We are opening up!

Dr. Oetker New Business

Are you a founder with a validated idea? Looking for a strong partner to fuel your growth? Read on to find out more...

We seek consumer-driven disruptions to create more touchpoints for our consumers around the world. While focusing on our main categories, our scope ranges from digital and consumer-focused technology, to relevant services and experiences. In doing so, we work hand in hand with founders from various industries. 



       Dr. Oetker, a 100 year-old startup

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Dr Oetker. Our company was built from the success of a consumer-driven innovation. We have kept true to that throughout our 100-year history.


As   new technologies and business models are changing consumption experiences, we want to shape that change. Our aim is to bring a taste of home to all, around the world.

       The way we work: applying the Lean StartUp method


       Let’s all bring something to the table!

               Our recipe for success consists of the following: 


Perks of the Lean StartUp
  • Minimized time to market
  • Build- measure- learn feedback loops
  • Validation directly with customers thanks to:
    • Problem-solution-fit followed by,
    • Product-market-fit
  • Seeking complementary assets & capabilities across industries
  • Array of possible strategic collaborations, each tailor-made to the business idea
  • Teaming up to pursue a joint business endeavour based on a mutual win-win
Seeds of Success
  • Power of corporate and spirit of start-up
  • 100 years of experience and industry expertise
  • International presence and growth investments
  • Growing, mutually beneficial business ecosystem

       Get in touch with us

Get in touch with us if you believe that what you have created can be scaled further in collaboration with us. Be it a consumer-insight driven innovation, an enabling technology, or a future relevant digital infrastructure. 

Let’s team up!