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From the idea to the frozen pizza

Four new films show how Dr. Oetker pizzas are created, existing products are revised and consumer wishes are taken into account in the process.

From the idea to the frozen pizza

24.4.2023 Products and Services

Where do the ideas for new pizzas come from? How do they get into the folding boxes? And how does Dr. Oetker even know what consumers might like? Answers to these and many other questions are provided by four films that follow the path of a frozen pizza from product development through production and sensory analysis to the test kitchen and consumer service. Our colleagues from the respective departments provide a glimpse behind the scenes of their daily work.

Pizza product development

In Research & Development, ideas become real Dr. Oetker products. For the creation of a new pizza, a wide variety of bases and numerous ingredients are available. The constant further development of recipes is also part of the job of the product developers at Dr. Oetker in Bielefeld. In the film you get an insight into our product development:

Pizza production

Around 1.5 million pizzas roll off the production line at the Dr. Oetker production site in Wittlich - every day. To ensure a consistently high quality, the experts keep an eye on all the details and at the same time work with the most modern machines. Dr. Oetker pizzas from Wittlich, one of two locations in Germany, are enjoyed by consumers in numerous countries.

Here you can find out even more about our production site in Wittlich. In our Dr. Oetker story "Well rounded: This is how the Dr. Oetker pizza is made" you will also get an insight into the individual steps a pizza goes through in our factory.

Sensory department

Consumers are at the centre of Dr. Oetker's attention - as the in-house sensory department shows. Over 4,500 people are registered here as test eaters and give their verdict on new or existing products in daily tastings. Does the pizza taste good? Does it smell pleasant and look good? Only the products that convince in the test meal make it to the supermarket shelf or the freezer. More about how a test meal works: "Connoisseur by profession".

Test kitchen and consumer service

To ensure that a frozen pizza always turns out well, regardless of the oven, the experts from the Dr. Oetker test kitchen invest a lot of effort. In series tests with a wide variety of appliances, they work out the optimum baking instructions, which are shown on the back of the pizza folding box. And if something does go wrong, the Dr. Oetker Consumer Service is always happy to help.

The filming for the movies, which are now available in German and English on YouTube, took place in Wittlich and Bielefeld in the summer of 2022. 

Behind the Scenes: