Dr. Oetker joins SBTi

Dr. Oetker has joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in order to take a further step forward in terms of climate protection.

Dr. Oetker joins SBTi

16.4.2024 Sustainability

Thus, we are committed to science-based climate targets and continuous reporting in accordance with the criteria of the globally recognised network. After signing the corresponding commitment letter in April 2024, we will have our targets validated by SBTi within the next 24 months, as envisaged by the initiative. Furthermore, our targets for more sustainable packaging are also being linked to the SBTi Commitment and expanded.

Climate targets aligned with SBTi

By joining SBTi, our previous overarching climate targets according to the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter remain the same: we still want to be carbon neutral in all direct and indirect areas of influence by 2050 and reduce 35% of our carbon footprint in scope 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol by 2030. “By joining SBTi, we are aligning these targets with th e initiative's criteria so that they make a contribution to achieving the Paris climate targets on a scientifically sound basis”, explains Alexander Sack, Executive Manager Sustainability at Dr. Oetker.

"Our goal was and is to continuously reduce CO2 emissions at our sites: on the one hand by reducing our energy consumption and on the other by expanding the use of renewable energies. This is the right path for us and we are sticking to it continuously and with great consistency," further states Alexander Sack. "However, we have realised that the idea of offsetting CO2 emissions as a subsequent additional measure - in addition to avoidance and reduction - is a good one in principle, but in practice does not reliably lead to real emission reductions , at least not yet." Without offsetting, CO2 emissions remain for our locations that we cannot yet avoid. Therefore, they can no longer considered to be climate-neutral for the time being. Corresponding investments will now be channelled into reducing the CO2-footprint at our sites, for example in hybrid ovens for our pizza production, which enable us to bake pizzas using green electricity. We continue to obtain the electricity at our locations exclusively* from renewable energies.

* With the temporary exception of our subsidiary in Australia, where we are currently working on a solution

As little (new) material as possible - recyclable, reusable or compostable

At the same time, the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter is being refined in another area: more sustainable packaging. We want to make our packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2030 at the latest. The original plan envisaged that all our packaging would be recyclable by 2025. By the end of 2023, this will already be the case for 88% of materials (excluding co-packers, Australia, Tunisia, South Africa and Egypt due to the data situation).

Having reached this point, we are now examining how we can further reduce our overall use of materials. For example, we have included in our newly formulated goals that we want to remove or reduce as much packaging material as possible and reuse it, provided that product protection is sufficiently guaranteed. We are harmonising this with our roadmap for CO2 reduction via SBTi. "Avoiding waste is a key topic for us," says Claudia Willvonseder, member of the Executive Board at Dr Oetker and responsible for sustainability. "We have now clearly emphasised this for all materials in the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter."

Anually adjusted: the Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter

Our Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter contributes to our purpose of "Creating a Taste of Home" and bundles the ambitious sustainability goals into three dimensions: With the goals in Our Food, we want to enable consumers to lead a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Our World brings together activities with which we aim to improve the social and environmental impact of our actions. Finally, Our Company refers to our employees' expectations of Dr Oetker as a social player and employer. Since 2023, we have been evaluating annually where potential opportunities and risks have changed and which new meaningful goals and priorities result from this. Proposed changes to the strategy must be approved by our Sustainability Steering Committee and the international management team. The current status can be viewed here: Dr. Oetker | Reports & Downloads

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