Legal Terms & Conditions

Our requirements for suppliers at a glance

Our terms and conditions of purchase and delivery

Our terms and conditions apply when working with suppliers and may vary by country and location. For our Global Procurement Team, common practices and procedures are essential to guarantee consistency, trust, and efficiency in our negotiation process. All contract negotiations with Dr. Oetker are based on our specifications and guidelines for contracts, terms and conditions.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers

In addition to quality standards, we also define requirements for our suppliers regarding the careful use of natural resources and compliance with international social standards. These are based on internationally recognized human rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) criteria.

This means that we do not tolerate child labor or forced labor in our supply chains. The right to freedom of association and collective bargaining must be guaranteed. The number of working hours per week and the maximum permissible number of hours must at a minimum comply with the laws and guidelines customary in the respective country. Employees’ wages must also meet the legal or industry minimum standard, whichever is higher.

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Our local guidelines and requirements