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Juicy, simple, vegan! - The development of plant-based baking mixes

At Dr. Oetker, we deal with all nutritional trends and work continuously on new vegan products for consumers. A look behind the scenes: This is how the vegan baking mixes from LoVE it! came about.

Juicy, simple, vegan! - The development of plant-based baking mixes

27.10.2022 Products and Services

More and more consumers are looking for products that make them feel good - not only about themselves, but also about the world around them. One example of this is vegan plant-based foods: among other things, these have a significantly lower carbon footprint than meat - or dairy-based products. Dr. Oetker wants to support such individual consumer choices for the climate and animal welfare with an expanded range of vegan products and recipes.

From an idea to a baking mix

Our product development and marketing teams regularly sit together to develop innovative products for our consumers. The LoVE it! range already impresses with a diverse vegan dessert selection. But which popular products should not be missing from the vegan product range? The classics: our baking mixes for muffins and brownies as a plant-based version!

Dr. Oetker product development team brainstorms

Vegan alternatives for eggs and co.

In product development our colleagues look for vegan ingredients to replace eggs in the batter, among other things. Apple pulp, bananas, but also chia seeds and flax seeds are suitable for vegan baking. But to what extent are the alternatives convincing in terms of texture and taste of the prepared product?

The vegan muffins should not lose their fluffy, juicy texture and – despite the plant-based additions – they should of course taste good. Flaxseed and chia seeds ensure a fluffy texture but have no flavor benefits. Apple pulp, on the other hand, gives the muffins a pleasant sweetness as well as a fruity note. The team is also pleased in terms of texture: The muffins rise and do not stick in the ramekin. The recipe for the muffins is ready! What about the brownies?

The plant-based brownies should also only require ingredients that people usually have at home. The team is developing a brownie recipe that includes a pea protein. This protein partially replaces the function of eggs. Thus, consumers only need to add cooking oil and water to the batter mixture when preparing the brownies.

The only question that remains is: How does it taste?

How is the feedback for the vegan alternatives?

There's no doubt that this is our product development and marketing team's favorite part. And what does the "jury" say? While the vegan muffins convince with a pleasant nutty note, the vegan brownies indulge with a deliciously chocolaty taste.

Test passed!

Dr. Oetker employees tasting new vegan products

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