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Dr. Oetker Finland – Pizza in the snow

The launch of La Mia Grande in Finland looked something like this. Anyone who passed by the La Mia Grande van could try the taste of the new pizza for themselves.

Dr. Oetker Finland – Pizza in the snow

15.8.2021 Products and Services

La Mia Grande frozen pizza has been available in Finland since the beginning of 2021. It’s a hit with retailers and consumers: Our colleagues have managed to conquer around five percent of the entire Finnish frozen pizza market in just a few months.

Finns love pizza

Pineapple on the pizza? This topic divides pizza fans. Not according to the Finns: “Pineapple definitely belongs on our pizza, I just have to look at the numbers. Ristorante Hawaii is one of our best-selling pizzas,” says Managing Director Pirkka Peltoniemi. More than 50 percent of the total sales at Dr. Oetker Finland are attributed to the pizza category. The Italian specialty is high on the list of Finns’ favorite dishes. Ristorante is the most popular frozen pizza. 

Dr. Oetker Mitarbeiterinnen Besprechung Pizzasortiment

Always looking for new ideas for the Pizza category: Sales Manager Mervi Pennanen (l.) and Marketing Manager Katariina Iivonen look at the latest sales revenue figures for the Pizza category.

Ristorante at the National Museum of Finland 

“Ristorante Variante Mozzarella has even made it into Finland’s National Museum, in an exhibition about how eating habits have changed over time,” Pirkka Peltoniemi, Managing Director of Dr. Oetker Finland, is delighted.

Dr. Oetker CEO Pirkka Peltoniemi

Pirkka Peltoniemi has been with the company since the beginning. The Managing Director of Dr. Oetker Suomi Oy – the official name of the Finnish national company - works with his small team on a basis of deep trust.

A strong team for 25 years

Dr. Oetker has been active in Finland for 25 years. In the beginning, just four of our Finnish colleagues started from scratch and worked hard for every shelf space in the retail sector. Initially, there was only pizza –to this day, the product for which the Dr. Oetker brand is most recognized. At least among the adults, because the children love PAULA and its pudding. Today, the supermarkets also have Dr. Oetker Vitalis, frozen cakes, baking ingredients, decorations, and ice-cream sauces. By the way, Dr. Oetker does not produce anything in Finland; the 16 colleagues live from sales alone. 

Vegetarian and vegan products are booming 

Speaking of eating habits: Finns eat a very health-conscious and balanced diet. They are increasingly turning to vegetarian Dr. Oetker pizzas, and the Finnish colleagues expect that meat substitutes will become even more important for sales revenues in the coming years.

„The vegan diet is really booming. We get lots of enthusiastic comments about our Ristorante Margherita Pomodori and of course about LoVE it!“

Katariina Iivonen, Marketing Manager Dr. Oetker Finland

loVE it! Pudding Vanille und Schokolade

LoVE it! – a plant-based pudding – also appeals to those who live lactose-free.  In Finland, that is around 20 percent. This explains why most Dr. Oetker dairy products in Finland are lactose-free – and high in protein, which is another nutritional trend here. Finns also keep an eye on salt and sugar consumption. Desserts are something special and are eaten mainly on weekends and after festive meals.

Finns like to bake

A health-conscious diet does not mean you cannot love baking. Finns certainly love to bake; the range of baking ingredients and decorations includes over 140 different products. Baking is so popular here because it is a very creative, relaxing and, in the end, of course, an enjoyable activity. And it brings people together.