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Dr. Oetker in Portugal and Spain

Dr. Oetker Ibérica has united the national companies in Spain and Portugal since 2015. The countries are very different, not only in terms of size, culture and language, but also in terms of the structure of the food trade and product ranges.

Dr. Oetker in Portugal and Spain

9.2.2024 Company and Culture

Dr. Oetker Ibérica's sales companies currently employ 59 people in Barcelona and 14 in Lisbon. Our colleagues focus on trading activities for a total of around 180 products, which they source from plants in Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy and the Netherlands. From Barcelona, they serve the entire Spanish market and support the Portuguese market. Marketing, for example, is based in Barcelona. Like all departments, it consists of employees of both nationalities who are very familiar with the often different markets and consumers. In Lisbon, where the team has recently been reorganized, the national sales, trade marketing and customer service departments work with a focus on Portugal.


"The recipe for success is based on the people who love their work and the Dr. Oetker brand and who drive the business forward with focus and trust. The source of our success is the unique quality and taste of our products." Vânia Fiúza Country Manager Dr. Oetker Portugal

Different product ranges in Portugal and Spain

In some cases, the takeover of brands has led to different product ranges in the two countries. Two examples: In Spain, the Mandarin brand, which had good distribution and a broad product range, was acquired in 2010. Many of the products are now successfully marketed under the Dr. Oetker brand, while a few have remained under the Mandarin brand.

Seasonal baking and decorating kits for Christmas, Easter and Halloween were initially developed in Spain. The product idea is now also part of the international range.

The range also includes Marka Alsa - which originally comes from France, but is also very popular in Portugal. Alsa is now the second strongest brand in the dessert powder segment.

Dr. Oetker brand Alsa in the supermarket

Tastes are different

Although the two countries have a lot in common, there are surprising differences in taste preferences. In Portugal, for example, the two top-selling Ristorante products in the frozen range are Pepperoni Salame and Hawaii, whereas these varieties are not in the top 10 in Spain. Or: the very successful relaunch of Pannini baguettes in Spain was less well received in Portugal. Some products and flavors were developed specifically for the Spanish market. For example, the Barbecue flavor, which is one of the most popular flavors for both Pizza Ristorante and Pannini baguettes.

Dr. Oetker Professional Ibérica grows

We are also active in Spain and Portugal with Dr. Oetker Professional. Business is growing extremely strongly here, especially during the summer months when over 100 million tourists visit the Iberian Peninsula. With Dr. Oetker Professional, we offer more than over 1,500 high-quality convenience products for restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens of all kinds in more than 27 countries. In addition to convenience products, the range also includes comprehensive service concepts and individual advice for the food service industry.

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"When I see my two daughters' eyes light up as they enjoy a slice of our pizza, it warms my heart. It reminds me that I am helping to create unforgettable family moments for others." Teresa Costa-Macedo, Marketing Manager Pizza in Barcelona