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Tastes like home: our international products

Consumers’ preferences are evolving, and we are, too.

We identify trends and continuously bring innovations to our markets. Besides our international products, we offer country-specific pizzas, cakes, desserts, and more that meet regional tastes. Dr. Oetker Professional also supplies bulk consumers like restaurants internationally.

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Products for consumers

Focusing on the innovations of tomorrow: With more than 130 years of experience, an eye on current trends, and a close relationship with our consumers, our international teams work to bring a wide range of product innovations to market in the following categories.

At Dr. Oetker, the focus is on the consumer - this is also demonstrated by the in-house sensory department in Bielefeld. Over 4,500 people are registered as test eaters. In daily tastings, they give their opinion on new or existing products. Only products that convince in the test meal make it to the supermarket shelf or the freezer.
⁠Read more about this in the Dr. Oetker story "Connoisseur by profession".

Interesting facts about our products. Did you know?

Our range varies depending on the country and taste preferences. Find out what other products we also have in our product range worldwide.


An assortment of 38 Dr. Oetker teas.


Every minute, 23 packets of Veg Mayonnaise Original are sold.


Besides baking powder, jelly pudding is our most popular product here.


The only country where we sell punch-flavored pudding.


26,000 packets of vanilla sugar are here sold every day.


In 2017, we launched organic baking and decorating ingredients in Denmark.


Revani is a traditional Turkish dessert and one of the best Dr. Oetker seller product in the Turkish market.


Tastes vary: We have over 20 types of pudding from classic, raspberry, or pineapple to banana and rum raisin.

Products for bulk consumers

With Dr. Oetker Professional, we offer about 1500 premium convenience products for customers from the catering, hotel, and commercial kitchen sectors around the world in more than 27 countries. In addition to convenience products from the ranges of pizza, cakes and desserts, we also offer holistic service concepts and individual consultancy.

Café customers

Our services

Dr. Oetker Professional is a holistic solution provider with a high level of consulting expertise. Our services extend far beyond offering pizza, cake and dessert products:

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