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With Backin, a ready-to-use baking powder, Dr. August Oetker set the stage for our product history in 1893. Gradually, a comprehensive range of products is developed internationally. It is synonymous with innovation, indulgence, and guaranteed success. The range includes powder products, baking ingredients, and flavorings. In the year 1970, Dr. Oetker was the first to introduce frozen pizza in Germany. Since the 1980s, the company has also supplied frozen pizza internationally.

1929 Dr. Oetker products

It all started with the baking powder Backin 

In 1893, after much experimentation, the pharmacist Dr. August Oetker succeeded in developing the decisive recipe. Backin was introduced to the market and remains a successful product. In 1903, Dr. August Oetker’s “process of producing durable baking powder or ready-to-bake flour” was then patented by the Imperial Patent Office as number 144289.

Baking powder Backin: 1893 to present day

Our pizza: It all began with the “Pizza alla Romana”

In 1970, Dr. Oetker launched “Pizza alla Romana,” Germany’s first frozen pizza. The product range grew steadily, and by 1981 the company’s first in-house pizza plant was opened in Germany. In 1985, the classic “Ristorante” pizza, which is still a favorite today, was introduced. The “Ristorante” pizza is an excellent example of our ability to recognize our customers’ preferences, and how we can meet them time and again with our innovative products - after all, only those who keep evolving can survive in the marketplace.  

The Pizza Revolution: 1970 to present day

Over the years: our most famous and unusual products

Ever heard of Dr. Oetker salt?

Odd Dr. Oetker products that came and went.