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From a pharmacy to a global company

Over five kilometers worth of shelves with written material, over 20,000 photographs, more than 3,500 publications, and over 1,000 films that recount over 130 years of Dr. Oetker’s history are archived at our Headquarters in Bielefeld.

Since 1977, we have been methodically archiving all important documents that chronicle the history of the company, its brands, and its products, such as significant artifacts, film footage, and much more. Collecting has been going on since the end of the 19th century. Therefore, the archive is a provider of information on historical queries relating to Dr. Oetker.

From analog to digital – Our Corporate Archive is also evolving:

Insights into our Corporate Archive

Founded in 1977, the archive documents the company’s history and preserves it for the future. Today, we assist museums, editorial offices, university researchers, and media productions with their research on Dr. Oetker – and we’re here for interested consumers, too.

This is how history at Dr. Oetker comes to life

Dr. Oetker archive

Some of the oldest archived records include personal documents of the company’s founder, all the company’s annual reports, employee newspapers, magazines, recipe books, collections, and many other papers and advertising materials. Almost all of Dr. Oetker’s past packaging can be found in the collection. Even the subsidiaries are well represented. This helps make the company’s history more tangible.

For inquiries or research:

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Dr. Oetker’s corporate history, its historical products, or former key figures.

Do you need personal access to our collections?
If you would like to visit the site to view documents for research purposes, please send a request by email to Please understand that access is only granted for scientific and journalistic research projects.

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If you would like to share any personal experiences of Dr. Oetker with us or provide us with any old treasures regarding the brand, we look forward to hearing from you!

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