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Exploring the World in Dual Studies at Dr. Oetker

International trainee program, internship, apprenticeship, work-study position, and dual studies – the range of entry and career opportunities at Dr. Oetker is diverse, offering various paths to enter the professional world.

Exploring the World in Dual Studies at Dr. Oetker

10.5.2024 Company and Culture

We spoke with Sophie Hartmann (20) and Lennart Rummel (23). They told us about their exciting dual studies at Dr. Oetker and their time abroad in the Netherlands (Amersfoort) and Hungary (Budapest). You can read about their experiences here.

Lennart completed a dual degree in Business Informatics, which included a two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship as a Digitalization Management Assistant and culminated in a Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics after a total of three and a half years. His two-month stay abroad took him to Dr. Oetker’s Hungarian subsidiary in the capital city Budapest. There, he supported the sales team with IT tasks, generated various reports using a specialized digital application, and accompanied the field staff.

Two Dr. Oetker field force colleagues in the supermarket

Preparing for the international experience

Once the destination country for his foreign assignment was determined, the first step was to arrange accommodation and travel. He received support from the People and Culture Germany department, the Global Mobility team, and his Hungarian colleagues. To further prepare, he used the tool "Duolingo" to learn some Hungarian words and watched documentaries about Budapest. It was important for him to familiarize himself with the country's culture and history: "This makes it easier to navigate daily life and avoid 'faux pas'."

Meeting international students

"I was fortunate to meet many international students during my study abroad," Lennart said. One experience stood out for him: "An unforgettable moment was a hike to Gellért Hill for a sunset picnic followed by a view of the illuminated cityscape of Budapest from above."

Of course, there were also some challenges Lennart had to face during his time abroad. However, he emphasized that these moments when "you have to jump in at the deep end" are crucial for personal growth and development: "At first, it was unfamiliar to be alone in another country and to understand the announcements on the trams, for example. One challenge at work was that I hadn't worked much with the tool they used there, so I had to familiarize myself with it first. However, this happened faster than expected, and I was able to learn a lot in a short time".

Dr. Oetker Student in Budapest

Stay Abroad in the Netherlands

Sophie, currently studying for a Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Technologies, was had her time abroad in Amersfoort in the Netherlands from February to April 2024, supporting her Dutch colleagues in Trade Marketing and the Business Intelligence Team. Her personal highlight was the National "Pannenkoekdag": "On this day, students bake pancakes for elderly people. My colleagues and I also participated in this event and baked for the seniors".

Although, according to Sophie, it takes time and patience to settle into a new environment and adapt to cultural differences, she was able to gain valuable experiences abroad that contributed to both her professional and personal growth.

Another benefit of the stay abroad was the opportunity to balance professional duties with leisure time. Alongside her responsibilities at work, there was also time to explore the country and even host friends from Germany to go on great excursions together.

Dual Studies at Dr. Oetker

The experiences of Sophie and Lennart provide a glimpse of how enriching and formative an international experience as part of a dual study program can be. Not only does it offer the opportunity to expand professional knowledge but also to grow personally and create unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime.

What is the structure of the dual study program at Dr. Oetker?

The dual study program at Dr. Oetker in Bielefeld combines theoretical phases at Bielefeld University with practical phases in the company. It allows students to get to know various departments of the company and gain valuable work experience while studying.

The dual study program lasts 3.5 years and is offered in the following dual degree programs at Dr. Oetker:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Industrial Management Assistant (m/f/d)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Technologies (m/f/d)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics and Digitalization Management Assistant (m/f/d)

Part of the dual study program at Dr. Oetker is a two-month stay abroad. This gives students the opportunity to get to know one of Dr. Oetker's international subsidiaries and to gain valuable intercultural experience. In recent years, students have supported our national companies in countries such as Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

By combining theoretical knowledge from their studies with practical application in the company, students in the dual study program can prepare optimally for their professional future, opening up a wide range of career opportunities. Already during the dual study program, contacts are made within the company, and graduates can take on responsible professional tasks in the company immediately after completing their studies.

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