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From trainee to IT specialist

Our colleague Josy Spross talks about her experience as a trainee at Dr. Oetker and offers helpful tips for future applicants on the application process and the trainee journey.

From trainee to IT specialist

6.11.2023 Company and Culture

How can I shape my career after graduation? What industry would I like to set foothold in? These are some of the questions many students and graduates ask themselves. The international trainee program at Dr. Oetker, established in 1996, offers guaranteed creative freedom and individual career paths within the company, both nationally and internationally.

Josy Spross also chose this path - and got off to a flying start. She now works as an IT Specialist Consulting Manufacturing Execution at Dr. Oetker. We spoke to her for Dr. Oetker Stories and she talks about her exciting time as a trainee, her time abroad in Gdansk and gives valuable tips for future applicants.

Why did you apply for a trainee position at Dr. Oetker after graduation?

JS: After completing my master's degree, I had already decided on doing a trainee program in production or logistics. During my search, I came across the trainee program at Dr. Oetker, which combines IT with another focus, in my case logistics or production. This interface between IT and production was very exciting to me. The trainee program also offers the opportunity to get to know many areas, tasks and colleagues within a company and to understand overarching processes.

During the Recruiting Day they conducted individual interviews with us applicants and we completed various tasks. We were also able to meet the former trainees and ask them questions. I realized then, that Dr. Oetker has an awesome trainee community and - apart from my professional interests - that’s what sealed the deal for me.

What formal requirements must be met to apply for the trainee program?

To start with, applicants need a master’s degree from a university or a technical college in order to qualify for an application. Additionally, they should have some experience abroad. Since we are an international company, business English skills are also a must.

Formal qualifications aside, what are some skills that any trainee at Dr. Oetker should bring to the table in your opinion?

In addition to the necessary qualifications listed, I can also add openness, quick adaptability and a love of variety in terms of new teams, stations and tasks.

What did you like best about the trainee program?

The trainee program offers lots of opportunities for personal development. In the course of your trainee ship you take part in at least three training courses, for example to improve your public speaking and your presentation skills. You take on responsibility early on and participate in projects. I also got to know a lot of departments and many things are open to you.

What is most memorable to you about your trainee period?

The trainee program lasts a total of 18 months. Four to six of these months are spent abroad. Where you go depends on your own interests, the projects available and the needs of the respective affiliates. During my time in Gdansk in Poland, I was able to experience the international trainee community, which was great. I was also able to get to know the various production processes there.

Is there anything else you would like to tell future trainees?

Try to take every chance to gain new experience. There are many opportunities to gain new insights into other areas through other trainees or apprentices without having to do a whole station there. The one and a half years go by so quickly and there are so many exciting teams - you are spoiled for choice as to which one to choose as a station. Network, exchange ideas and support each other.