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Our Promise of Quality

The Dr. Oetker brand has always been synonymous with high-quality products that are guaranteed to succeed and offer a very special taste experience.

That is why Dr. Oetker has always followed a strict quality policy: With the help of complex analysis technology and methods, we check the raw materials for microorganisms and residues, for example. The highest hygiene requirements apply in production and it must be ensured that the goods are not damaged and remain clearly identifiable during transport.

This enables us to identify possible risks in development, production, packaging and transport as well as in the preparation of the food at an early stage and to eliminate possible dangers in good time. Our commitment in the area of food safety and quality goes beyond legal requirements: For example, with our Dr. Oetker Food Standard, we define the basic requirements for raw materials, semi-finished products, delivered merchandise and finished goods. 

"Quality is the Best Recipe" – the well-known slogan is far more than an advertising slogan for Dr. Oetker.

Dr. Oetker brand quality not only means incomparable taste and guaranteed success, but also the highest level of product safety through careful selection of raw materials and the fulfillment of strict quality standards throughout the production process. 

The Best Quality Applies to Every Ingredient

Whether cocoa, flour or milk, sausage or cheese: We check every ingredient in our recipes for its quality, even if it is only added as a small pinch. In order to ensure the quality of all raw materials, Dr. Oetker relies on comprehensive supplier and specification management. The corresponding requirements for suppliers are defined in the Dr. Oetker Food Standard and in the raw material specifications. Depending on the raw material, different requirements apply, including with regard to the following criteria: labeling under food law, microbiology, pesticides, mycotoxins as well as nutritional values, allergens, origin, appearance and physical properties. With the help of sensory tests, we check the raw materials directly upon receipt with regard to appearance, consistency, taste and smell. If an ingredient does not meet our requirements, it will not be released for further processing in production. As part of a regular risk assessment, we also carry out supplier audits and evaluate the performance of the suppliers with regard to our high quality standards and compliance with our specifications.

Safety From the First Product Idea Through to Enjoyment

Food safety is an essential part of product quality. Our efforts in this regard therefore begin in the first phase of product and packaging design and play a decisive role in the selection and control of the raw materials. In production, quality assurance means constant monitoring of standards and limit values as well as strict compliance with hygiene regulations. During transport, it must above all be ensured that the goods are not damaged and that their origin can always be clearly traced. With regard to preparation and consumption by consumers, it is checked to what extent the products and preparation instructions meet their requirements. The beginning and end of the quality management system stages are therefore linked, because the consideration of consumer wishes and suggestions flows into the development and improvement of new products.

All German plants are certified both according to ISO 9001 for quality management and according to the globally applicable management systems for food safety, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 (FSSC = Food Safety System Certification).

Dr. Oetker quality assurance follows the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point) concept – in accordance with the European Food Hygiene Regulation – which analyzes the production process with regard to possible health hazards. Corresponding control measures ensure product safety and quality at precisely defined control points that could be critical for food safety. We also run a process data information system with which we can precisely check the individual production processes and measurement data. In this way, all production steps remain traceable afterwards in order to determine possible sources of error and to guarantee the traceability of the products. 

Optimum Packaging for our Products

Regardless of whether it is a bag, folding box or handy mug – food packaging should be uncomplicated, stable and easy to open. In addition, packaging is developed in such a way that it offers sufficient protection during transport and storage right up to consumption. But when developing packaging, we also make sure to keep the transport weight and disposal volume as low as possible, and we use recycled cardboard whenever possible.


At the same time, there must be no undesirable interactions with the food. Dr. Oetker selects the right materials in a targeted manner and the manufacturers of our packaging must provide evidence of their harmlessness. Moreover, we have our packaging examined by independent institutes. Dr. Oetker has been using mineral oil-free printing inks, fresh fiber paper and films with a barrier function since 2012 to prevent the transfer of hydrocarbons (so-called mineral oils) from the packaging onto the product. Further protective measures in the context of packaging design are carried out on a product-specific basis and are regularly checked.


We use aluminum for individual products, such as fresh desserts, but also for dry yeast or in individual packs in baking mixes. Thanks to its excellent barrier function, this offers reliable protection against bacteria, contamination and light and thus significantly extends the shelf life of the products. However, to ensure that no so-called aluminum ions are released from the packaging and transferred to the food, aluminum should not come into contact with foods that contain salt or acid. For this reason, the aluminum packaging for our foodstuffs is either additionally embedded in plastic film or the aluminum lids on our fresh products are additionally provided with sealing wax. This prevents contact between the food and the metal and thus prevents any possible transfer of aluminum particles into the food. Regardless of this, we have our packaging, and thus also the lids, regularly examined by independent institutes.


Dr. Oetker has been using mineral oil-free printing inks, fresh fiber paper and films with a barrier function since 2012.

Sustainable Consumption

In the context of innovative and sustainable product development, special attention is paid to the topics of raw material procurement, energy consumption, packaging and food waste.

The growing need of consumers to make a positive contribution to nature and society through more sustainable consumption requires that the raw materials and ingredients used in the products, be grown or produced in the interests of sustainability. Dr. Oetker takes this into account when selecting its raw materials.

We also attach great importance to avoiding food waste. The company's main focus is on avoiding production waste. But the reduction of food waste in retail and among consumers also plays an important role. With the longest possible shelf life and appropriate portion sizes, we help consumers to keep the amount of waste as low as possible.

This also applies to recipe development in the Dr. Oetker test kitchen. Once the recipe has been roughly drafted the practical work begins. The employees of the Dr. Oetker test kitchen determine the correct quantities of ingredients so that packaging surplus can be avoided as much as possible. We are committed to more sustainable consumption.

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