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Welcome to our online magazine!

We are Dr. Oetker – No matter where we work in the world, we are always on the move. In our Dr. Oetker Stories, we talk about the topics that are close to our hearts. Because we love what we do and are committed to this company, the products and our colleagues.

Welcome to our online magazine!

15.6.2021 Company and Culture

There are lots of people and stories behind the cakes, pizzas and desserts. They are what make Dr. Oetker special. And give our company a face. Here we regularly publish background stories from our international product and corporate world.

Spotlight on the people behind Dr. Oetker.

In our new online magazine, we show the people behind the Dr. Oetker brand and company. Their daily work, their career paths, ideas and commitment. What inspires them, what drives them and why they appreciate our company and its culture. Take a look inside the production with us, travel to our international locations, visit our cafés or workshops and take a look behind the scenes of product development – whether it's a product, experience or digital offering.

Do you have a question? Ask us!

We are an editorial team consisting of colleagues from Public Relations and People and Culture. We track down and follow up topics that might interest you. We look forward to interacting with you. Through your feedback and questions, directly by email to our authors or via LinkedIn, where you will soon find a post with space for comments for each article. And, if we haven't considered a topic that interests you, let us know. We hope you enjoy reading.