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"You can simply tell that Dr. Oetker is a family business"

Raphael Wolff is a dual student of business administration and industrial management at the Bielefeld site. His summary is positive. "Despite the size of the company, a lot of value is placed on great interpersonal relationships." In addition to the friendliness of his colleagues, Raphael appreciates the variety of tasks.

 "You can simply tell that Dr. Oetker is a family business"

15.8.2022 Company and Culture

Why did you decide to join Dr. Oetker?

Raphael Wolff: Since I couldn't decide between an apprenticeship and a degree program, I was stuck between two options. That's why I thought I'd just combine the two and decided on a dual study program. Since I come from Bielefeld, one of my first ports of call was Dr. Oetker. The company simply has a great reputation. 

What do you like the most about it?

Raphael Wolff: What I particularly like about working at Dr. Oetker is that everyone is very friendly and makes you feel part of the team. When you have questions, there are several people who are happy to help you. Despite the size of the company, great importance is attributed to a good and collegial atmosphere. You simply notice that Dr. Oetker is a family business.

Have your expectations been met?

Raphael Wolff: I couldn't really imagine what tasks I would be given during my apprenticeship, but now I can say that I am very satisfied! You can expect interesting and challenging activities in all departments. 

Describe a typical day at work: 

Raphael Wolff: There is no such thing as a typical day. Especially because we usually move to a new department every three to six weeks. I'm currently working in the People and Culture department. There are recurring tasks such as processing applications or drawing up contracts, but every day is still different. My day-to-day work is never boring and always offers new challenges that I'm happy to take on!

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about joining the company?

Raphael Wolff: I recommend that anyone who is interested in working at Dr. Oetker should take a close look at their application. The first step is to read the job description carefully and be aware of your personal motivation for applying. It also helps to get feedback from someone in your personal environment.