Working with our Suppliers

Responsible sourcing

Global supply chains with a local focus

High-quality goods and sourcing responsibly guarantee the quality and sustainability of our products.


Our procurement processes

As an international company, we work with suppliers in the EU and beyond to procure our raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging, and services. We consciously select suppliers located in regional proximity to our plants if the cultivation or source regions of the products allow it. We purchase those raw materials that we can’t obtain regionally on the international market. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of making our procurement processes as transparent as possible to better evaluate the required goods and services concerning their sustainability and potential risks. This ensures that the high-quality ingredients used in our products are produced under socially responsible and environmentally friendly conditions.

“To be able to fulfill our responsibility for the environment and society, we consider transparency and compliance with high social standards to be crucial success factors for responsible sourcing at Dr. Oetker.” – Marco Schmidt, Senior Executive Manager Procurement

What matters to us

Our high social standards and quality/sustainability requirements apply to all our company’s sites as well as all participants and suppliers along our entire supply chain. Transparency, trust, and commitment are the foundation of our collaboration with suppliers.

We expect our suppliers to maintain high standards.

Our quality and sustainability requirements apply to the entire supply chain. We require our suppliers to comply with internationally recognized environmental and social standards as well as actively support the implementation of our sustainability standards and efforts. We regularly review the standards we require our suppliers to meet and, if necessary, update them to include further sustainability measures.

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We rely on a sustainability rating by EcoVadis

The environmental and social footprint of our products and services is directly linked to the business practices of our suppliers. To evaluate these, Dr. Oetker uses EcoVadis, a rating company that follows international sustainability standards. EcoVadis regularly conducts individual sustainability performance assessments of our suppliers on our behalf.

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