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Organic, gluten-free, less sugar – so popular are more conscious products

More and more people around the world are interested in a balanced diet and choose the products they buy accordingly. In the International Brand Marketing department Cake/Dessert Lisa Junge works as Executive Manager with her team on an overarching project. The aim is to offer appropriate alternatives in all product ranges of the Dr. Oetker brand in the long term.

Organic, gluten-free, less sugar – so popular are more conscious products

4.1.2023 Products and Services

Taste change – and so does Dr. Oetker's product range. In an international project, the team around Lisa Junge, in cooperation with various departments, recorded and analysed trends worldwide some time ago. One of the key findings was that although many trends occur in several countries, they can vary in strength from country to country. For example, while gluten-free diets or sugar-reduced products were a well-known trend in many of the countries studied, the same was true for organic products in a relatively smaller proportion – but with a higher intensity.

Organic products in Denmark

In Denmark, Dr. Oetker has been offering organic baking products since 2017 as organic products are very popular here. Accordingly, the range has grown successively and now includes several products, including baking powder, vanilla sugar and various decorative items. Some of these products have recently also been offered in Spain and Great Britain. All products are labelled with the EU organic logo and green elements on the packaging also ensure recognition.

Gluten-free products

Gluten-free products are much more widespread – whether cupcakes, puddings or baking mixes. In a total of nine countries, Dr. Oetker has introduced products in the Cake/Dessert division in recent years that are also suitable for people with a gluten intolerance. This is indicated on the packaging with a corresponding logo, and in some countries such as Hungary and Switzerland these products also have a uniform green design. This enables consumers to assign them to the gluten-free category at first glance.

Low-sugar products

Equally widespread is the desire of many consumers for foods that contain little or no sugar. The reasons for this can be completely different – and the product concepts are correspondingly different. In the country network of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina an entire range of products without added sugar was introduced in November 2021 under the name Sweet Zero, including muffins, puddings and vanilla sugar. All products are sweetened with erythritol and contain very few calories. The bright packaging design in turquoise and white with the name Sweet Zero makes it clear at first glance that these are low-sugar and low-calorie products.

In Brazil, there are various types of gelatine without sugar as well as types of gelatine without sugar, which are even enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Gelatine without sugar with added vitamins

In Germany, a high protein pudding without added sugar was already introduced in spring 2020. The development of the range has been very positive so far, so it has already grown: cereals, baking mixes, mousse and mixes for rice and semolina pudding have been added in the meantime.

High Protein products from Dr. Oetker

Superfoods in Brazil

So-called superfoods are rich in micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. They include for example chia, linseed and acaii. In Brazil, the Dr. Oetker product range Aveia+ or the baking mix Natural Balance contain these wonder weapons. Aveia+ porridge preparations offer consumers a healthy breakfast that is very easy to prepare by simply adding hot water. Flavours include apple-cinnamon-flaxseed, banana-honey-chia or chocolate with Whey protein.

Ultimately, trends can also change again quickly: The work of Lisa Junge and her team remains exciting.

In addition to superfoods, less sugar and more, a plant-based diet is also becoming mainstream. We are happy to provide an insight into how we develop vegan baking mixes at Dr. Oetker and which substitute products we use in our vegan products instead of cheese or salami.

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