Our History

It all began in a pharmacy in 1891.

A pioneer of his time

The history of Dr. Oetker began in January 1891, when company founder Dr. August Oetker fulfilled a lifelong dream by acquiring the Aschoff'sche pharmacy in Bielefeld, Germany. What he developed here through persistent research revolutionized baking and made the preparation of food and pastries much easier. More than 130 years later, the small pharmacy has grown into a global family business whose international activities now account for more than half of total sales.

“Once I reach my goal of owning a pharmacy, I will strive to create something truly special.” – Company founder Dr. August Oetker

A journey through our product history

Our products are the basis for Dr. Oetker's success. We are known for pizza, cakes, and desserts – and have been for 130 years. Come with us on a journey through our product history.

Store shelf with Dr. Oetker products

Our success story

Would you like to learn more about our history? About our development and what distinguishes us as a family business? Then this way.

Dr. Oetker baking booth historical

Our international brands

Dr. Oetker is an international brand that has had a presence abroad since the beginning of the 20th century. But how did this and its distinctive logo come about? And what do brands like cameo or Ancel have to do with Dr. Oetker? Find this and much more out here.

Ancel Strasbourg promotional products factory view

More about our company history

Press release on 50 years of Dr. Oetker pizza
A classic Dr. Oetker product celebrates its birthday: Our press release for you to download (German content only).

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