Who We Are

Makers and shapers

We have been breaking new ground for more than 130 years.

We are an international company based in over 40 countries and have over 16,500 employees on all six continents. In addition to our core business areas of pizza, cake and dessert, our current portfolio also includes digital platforms and services.

Dr. Oetker Bake Night

We think in terms of generations, not just until the end of the quarter.

This means we strive to make our existing products healthier, minimize our environmental footprint and do our part for our employees and society. We laid out these and many other goals in our international Sustainability Charter. Taking sustainable action is the cornerstone of our journey towards regenerative business.

Dr. Oetker employees

We make our decisions by following our Purpose.

Our purpose "Creating a Taste of Home" guides us when developing new products and digital services, pursuing our sustainability goals, or driving digitization in our company. We aren’t solely focused on economic success – for us, social added value is the focus of our actions. 

Mother and child bake together

We are brand builders and innovation drivers.

We distinguish ourselves through our high-quality standards, innovative spirit, and continuous commitment to the needs of our consumers. Every day, we work with our international teams to bring innovative products and services to the market. For us, innovating is the key to sustainable growth and success.

Dr. Oetker sales

Dr. Oetker is part of the Oetker Group.

Dr. Oetker is the largest subsidiary operating in the food division of the Oetker Group. This internationally operating group is based in over 40 countries. Our products are distributed on a country-specific and decentral basis, ensuring that our sales always meet the local needs of our customers.

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